Marlborough Granny Flat Builders

Thinking about building a granny flat in Marlborough? Look no further than the renovation experts at Refresh.

Granny flats are a versatile addition to any property: think a private space for elderly relatives or freedom-seeking children, extra income, or a fully-contained guest suite. 
Whatever your reason for building a granny flat, we can provide a stress-free experience that sees your vision come to life. Ready to start your project? Get in touch with a Marlborough Renovation Consultant today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Building a granny flat generally involves kitchen, bathroom, sleeping, storage and living spaces. You’ll also need to consider all the functional components such as insulation, a heating/cooling system, and electrical facilities. 
Refresh means support through every step of the renovation process, because our Renovation Consultants provide personalised assistance from ideation to execution. Our comprehensive approach to renovations and our strong focus on thorough planning, avoids the mistakes commonly made when homeowners self-manage their renovation project. 
During your initial consultation with a local Marlborough Renovation Consultant, you’ll share your vision for your granny flat and your project budget. After detailed discussion, your Renovation Consultant will have concept drawings created along with a cost estimate. Though you’re always in control, this is the time to make any changes as it’s expensive to do so once on-site work begins.
Once you’ve confirmed the plans and quote, your Renovation Consultant will arrange for any necessary permits, source all materials required, and organise construction. As your single point of contact, they’ll always keep you fully up to date with developments. 

Ideas for building a Granny Flat in Marlborough

Here in the Marlborough region, there are size limits for granny flats. These structures can only be built to a maximum of 60m2, so it’s essential to get clever with spatial planning.
Stylish loft or barn-style granny flats are a great opportunity to attract renters or simply create a chic space for family and friends to stay. The two-storey loft design maximises the living space at floor level and provides an upper sleeping area, while the high ceilings give the flat an open and spacious feel.
Given the regulatory limits on floor space, smart placement of doors and windows in accessory dwellings units is essential. Consider installing a bi-fold door as part of an internal wall to open up the unit and create the indoor/outdoor living so well suited to Marlborough’s temperate climate. And don’t forget about the ceiling; skylights give the illusion of expanding upwards while filling the flat with natural light. 
These ideas are only here to get you inspired. We partner with leading granny flat builders in Marlborough and can work with you to create a value-enhancing addition to your property.

What granny flat building services do Refresh Renovations provide?

Building a granny flat includes all aspects of a full home renovation, just on a smaller scale. That means plumbers, electricians, plasterers, painters, and possibly even architects and engineers. To streamline your renovation experience, your local Marlborough Renovation Consultant will offer complete support with every building service required to create your granny flat. 
What’s more, our Renovation Consultants’ professional networks are wide-reaching and include both contractors and suppliers, giving you access to the best workmanship and materials for your project.

Our granny flat building services include:

  • Granny flat designs and builds
  • Airbnb/bed and breakfast renovations
  • Site assessment
  • Planning and council consent applications
  • Project management
  • Interior decorating
  • Kitchen installations
  • Bathroom installations

How much will my granny flat cost to build in Marlborough?

Even though granny flats are compact units, they can still require a sizable investment. To give you a better idea of what’s achievable at different price points, let’s take a look at two Refresh projects.  
This granny flat was built within an existing basement for $65,000*. It’s a sophisticated self-contained unit that includes a fully tiled bathroom, a kitchenette with a combined washer/dryer, tiled and carpeted flooring, external access, and soundproofed ceilings.   
This second example was achieved with a higher budget of $163,000*. It’s a spacious granny flat featuring a double bedroom with a built-in wardrobe, an open-plan living area, a well-appointed kitchen with gas stovetop and high-end finishings, a stylish bathroom, and a concealed laundry area.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovation Consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

Yes, we take care of any council applications required for granny flat renovations in Marlborough.
We aim to make your renovation experience as enjoyable as possible, and that includes dealing with all the paperwork.

We want to hear your ideas!

Our Marlborough Renovation Consultants offer free consultations. Get in touch today to arrange yours so we can chat about building your granny flat.