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If you have a renovation project in mind, you’ve come to the right place. Refresh Renovations’ Melbourne contractors provide local homeowners with bespoke designs and builds, specifically created with your style and budget in mind. We also offer end-to-end project management - monitoring every stage of your renovation in order to maintain a set schedule and budget. 

Why Refresh? 

Refresh was designed to provide you - our customer - with the best renovation experience possible. Stories of renovations gone wrong are all too common in the residential sector, and Refresh’s processes have been designed to improve the homeowner experience. Managing a renovation without the time, knowledge or experience to do so can easily lead to miscommunication, overspending and a whole lot of unnecessary stress. That’s why Refresh offers homeowners an end-to-end project management system that covers design, construction and the final decorative touches. By providing every customer with a bespoke design, we are able to customise your renovation to your lifestyle needs and budget. What’s more, everyone on our team is a specialist in their field - from our building design specialists to our renovation builders. This helps us to provide you with a final result that is of the highest quality. 

What renovation services does Refresh offer?

Refresh’s systems, processes and network of contractors and suppliers allow us to provide renovation designs and builds according to your specifications - depending on project feasibility. Our services include:
- Extensions and additions
- Kitchen renovations
- Bathroom renovations
- Basement, garage and loft conversions
- Luxury and custom renovations
- Home restorations
- Bathroom renovations
- Home additions
- Home extensions
- Basement renovation
- Kitchen renovation

...and anything else you can think of!

What will it cost to do the project?

Refresh’s bespoke design process means that every renovation project is designed in a way which brings your ideas, our expertise and your budget into one concise plan. For this reason, it is difficult to say what your project will cost without having assessed your ideas and the costs that will be involved in bringing them to life. That being said, most projects tend to fall within a range of basic, mid-range and high-end renovations. Smaller projects we have carried out in the past, such as individual bathroom or kitchen renovations, tend to fall within the range of $30,000 - $80,000. However, designs which include significant structural work or luxury features may exceed this. Our larger projects, such as home extensions or full home renovations, usually exceed $150,000.  
*Note: these costs are rough estimates only and are subject to change. For a cost estimate accurate to your specific project, please consult your local renovation specialist.

Will you take care of any council applications required for this project?

Yes. Your Refresh Renovations specialist will advise you on whether or not your project will require development approval, a planning permit or a building permit. Likewise, if you live within a heritage zone, or if any specific regulations need to be adhered to when carrying out your renovation, Refresh will take care of the paperwork and carry out every detail to a high standard.

What are some important things to be aware of when renovating in Melbourne?

Depending on where you live in Melbourne and the style of home you reside in, different rules and regulations may apply to your renovation. If you are planning on renovating an older home, be aware that Melbourne has strict subflooring requirements in place which help to improve a home's ventilation and reduce termite damage. Alternatively, if you are considering renovating your apartment, you will likely need the approval of your building’s body corporate before any work can begin. The benefit of having your project managed by Refresh is that we will be able to advise you on the regulations and costs involved in your specific project before any work begins. 

What are some of the current renovation trends in Melbourne?

Open plan layouts and innovative designs are key to many Melbourne home renovations - especially with townhouses and apartments being the dwelling of choice for many residents. Many Melbourne homeowners aspire for luxury designs, with modern features and art deco elements being common stylistic choices within many renovations. That being said, sometimes a classic look is more appealing - plenty of homeowners (especially those living in older villas) may choose to restore their home rather than update it, decorating with elegant Victorian-style furnishings. 

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