Mother-in-law Suite Remodel in Boulder

Exterior of a Mother-in-law suite

We’re not quite sure where the name ‘mother-in-law’ suite came from, but what we are sure about is the value and convenience such a suite can add to your home. Whether you call it a mother-in-law suite or a secondary suite, a granny flat or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), if you’re considering a home remodel with the addition of an extra dwelling on your property, get in touch with your local Boulder Remodeling Consultant for ideas, advice, and information on maximising your build.  

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

At Refresh Renovations, no project is too big or too small for our team. That’s because, we’ve devised a five-step approach that ensures whatever the size, scale, complexity, or design of your home remodel, we can deliver it on time, to budget, and of the highest quality.

Doesn’t sound like a real renovation, does it? That’s because, at Refresh, we believe every home remodeling project should be stress-free, enjoyable, and successful. So, we’ve set out to change how the world renovates, and we start by offering homeowners a free, no-obligation consultation. This appointment is an opportunity for you to share your renovation goals and to get advice, insight, ideas, and expert knowledge from our team who’ve managed hundreds of renovations before yours.

If you’re ready to entrust our team with your home remodeling project, whether it be a detached mother-in-law suite or a kitchen remodel, a basement transformation or a bathroom upgrade, your local Remodeling Consultant will prepare concept plans, a timeline, and a budget for your project. And, once construction begins, they’ll oversee it all, acting as your single point of contact throughout the process.

It's for these reasons – and many more – that homeowners embarking on a home remodel project choose Refresh Renovations.

What is the best layout for a mother-in-law suite?

The key to a successful design of a backyard mother-in-law suite is a great layout. When looking over mother-in-law suite plans, make sure you account for the essentials – cooking and dining areas (open plan works best for these), living, bathroom, and bedroom. Clever use of space will also ensure there’s plenty of room for storage.

For many homeowners, the main reason for adding a mother-in-law suite to their house is to provide a living arrangement for an elderly or ageing relative. Therefore, give careful consideration of the layout to ensure it doesn’t impinge on an occupant’s accessibility.

What are the requirements for building a mother-in-law suite in Boulder?

If you’re looking to add to your home with a mother-in-law suite in Boulder, you will be subject to use standards and you’ll require building permit approval in a number of the city’s zoning districts.

Fortunately, to navigate the complexities of such paperwork, you’ll have the help of your local Boulder Remodeling Consultant who will manage the document and application for you.

What mother-in-law suite design services do Refresh Renovations provide in Boulder?

Adding a mother-in-law suite to your house comes with all of the elements of building a new home – foundations need to be laid, building needs to commence, power and electricity needs to be installed. Therefore you’ll need a variety of tradespeople on the job. At Refresh, our Remodeling Consultants have a network of trusted professionals to call upon to deliver these services so the construction of your second dwelling is in good hands.

Our mother-in-law suite services include:

  • Mother-in-law suite plans
  • Mother-in-law suite remodel
  • Mother-in-law suite build
  • Airbnb/bed and breakfast remodels
  • Project management
  • House extensions
  • Rentable mother-in-law suites
  • Guest rooms
  • Garage conversions
  • Sleep outs
  • Site assessment
  • Planning and council consent applications

…. And anything else you can think of!

How much does a mother-in-law suite cost to build in Boulder?

The cost of building a mother-in-law suite depends on things such as:

  • Size: how big is your mother-in-law suite going to be?
  • Services: how close to existing services is your mother-in-law suite going to be? Or will your project require additional plumbing, drainage, and electricity meters to be installed?
  • Materials: are you building a functional yet stylish mother-in-law suite or a high-end luxury apartment in your backyard? The materials and finish you choose will contribute to the cost.

Every mother-in-law suite comes at a cost but that differs between homeowners. That’s why, at Refresh, we’re committed to providing you with a fixed quote accurate to your project based on the information you’ve provided and discussed with your Remodeling Consultant.

To get an idea of what some other remodeling projects have cost, be sure to view our gallery of case studies on our website.

Do you need consent to build a mother-in-law suite in Boulder?

Yes, you will need consent to build a backyard mother-in-law suite, but your Remodeling Consultant can advise you on the information required to prepare and apply for this documentation. It’s just one of the ways we take the stress out of a home remodeling project.

Let’s build in Boulder

Do you have some small mother-in-law suite ideas you’d like to discuss with someone who knows the renovation process? We’d love to hear your ideas. Get in touch with your local Boulder Remodeling Consultant and start planning your second dwelling!