Refresh Renovation Perth can take care of all of your roofing needs. Whether you need minor roofing repairs, a complete roof replacement or a roof extension as part of a larger home renovation project, your local team can support you in making it happen. 

What roofing services do Refresh Renovations Perth provide?

Refresh Renovations Perth’s roofing services include:
- Re-roofing
- Roof repairs
- Roof restoration
- Roof replacement
- Roof extensions
- Roof leak repairs
- Waterproofing
- Roofing insulation
- Replacing roof flashings
- Roof painting
- Roof carpentry

...and anything else you can think of!

What roofing types are common in Perth?

Tiled roofs and steel roofing are very popular choices in Perth. Tiled roofs in Perth tend to use concrete or clay tiles. Concrete tiles are a great long-lasting, low-maintenance choice and are also fire resistant. However, concrete tiles might not be suitable for all homes due to their weight. Similarly, clay tiles can last a long time (sometimes up to 100 years!) and are low-maintenance. They are durable but also heavy - so your roof will need to be able to take their weight. Colorbond is a lighter alternative that offers a wide range of colour options and, when properly maintained, can also last up to 100 years. 

What roofing materials are the most affordable?

The final cost of installing a new roof will depend on the condition of your roof as well as its pitch and accessibility. However, looking at materials alone, concrete tiles are typically one of the more affordable materials, followed by terracotta tiles and then Colorbond. For a cost estimate accurate to your needs, please consult your local Renovation Consultant. 

How does the Refresh Renovations design and build process work? 

Refresh can take care of every stage of your roof upgrade from planning, design and council approval through to costings and project management. Your local Refresh Renovations team will organise the delivery of your roofing supplies as well as schedule in and supervise roofing contractors. You can watch the development of your roof update using the Refresh Renovations online customer portal.

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