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As house prices in South-west London continue to rise and the costs of moving escalate, more and more homeowners are deciding to invest in their current property rather than opt for a change of scene. At Refresh we are experts at adding living space and value to your home by creating beautiful extensions that are not only sympathetic to the existing structure but designed in such a way as to improve your whole family’s quality of life.

Why Refresh?

Refresh is designed to make life easy for busy owners. We'll provide you with one point of contact, end-to-end project management and a highly experienced team of tradespeople. All you need to do is tell us your wishlist and we'll take care of every aspect of the design and build.

What home extension services do Refresh provide?

Refresh can take care of every aspect of your project, including:
- Bespoke designs
- Architectural drawings
- Construction
- Ground-floor extensions
- Single-storey extensions
- Double-storey extensions
- Interior design

How much will my project cost?

An effective home extension budget will include outline costs for every facet of the project, right from the initial architectural design and plans all the way through to the decorating and furnishings. Whether you are funding the extension from savings or equity or arranging borrowing to finance the entire project, it’s vital to be clear about the level of investment that will be required right from the outset. At Refresh we recommend engaging an architect to assist with the design and planning as they are experts at maximising the use of space and creating innovative extensions. Should the extension require planning permission, an architect’s professional drawings will also stand an improved chance of approval, so an architect can be a worthwhile investment. A complex extension may require the services of a structural engineer and a surveyor, but for more routine projects our project management service will take care of the planning, materials and trades, so that you can rest assured that the project will be completed on time and within budget. We will consult with you over the brick matching, window styling, interior décor and fixtures and fittings to ensure that the finished result meets your expectations.

What size home extension can I build without planning permission?

The subject of planning permission can strike fear into anyone considering an extension, but it can be disastrous to proceed without consent should it be required. The good news is that in the UK an extension is usually regarded as permitted development as long as it meets a number of criteria. These include that the planned extension is no greater than half the size of the land around the original property, known as the curtilage. For the purposes of planning laws, the original property is as it was in 1948 and for houses constructed after this date it is as the property was originally built. The proposed extension must not extend beyond the principal elevation or side elevation onto a highway and must not rise above the highest part of the existing roof. It must also not extend by more than three metres beyond the rear of the house if it’s a semi-detached or terraced property, or by more than four metres if it’s detached. The appearance of the extension must closely match the existing building and must not include a balcony, veranda or raised platform. The rules for permitted development differ slightly for two-storey extensions, and the larger the project, the more likely you are to need to obtain planning permission. If your property is listed or is located in a conservation area then planning consent will almost certainly be required. Your renovation specialist will take care of any planning permission and/or building regulations approval requirements. 

Will a home extension add value to my property?

Increasing the amount of living space will, without doubt, improve your family’s lifestyle, and the indications are that it will also add value to your property as long as the ceiling price for the local area will support it. There’s an argument to say that the value that an extension adds is more likely to be realised over time, especially if the project is complex and therefore requires a significant budget, but in general, any additional living space will be attractive to potential purchasers. The key to adding genuine value is to create an extension that is not only in proportion to the existing house but also matches the quality of the build – it’s not uncommon, for example, for a poorly built extension to devalue a property. Statistics indicate that a professionally built two-storey extension can add as much as 11% to the asking price of a property, so there is an argument to consider a second level if funds permit, especially as the structural work would already be in place for the first storey.

Can I build an eco-friendly home extension?

Adding an extension can provide the perfect opportunity to rethink your family’s energy consumption, especially as you can increase the amount of natural light coming into your home. Rooflights have been proven to allow 40% more natural light to flood in, making them ideal for single-storey extensions and reducing your reliance on artificial lighting. Combined with solar panels, this can reduce your family’s outgoings while also improving your home’s environmental credentials. In terms of the construction, the market for eco-friendly materials derived from recycled products is growing, while engineered timber from sustainable forests is also moving more into the mainstream. Leading environmentally friendly materials include Celcon foundation blocks and Fibolite paints and decorating products which are low VOC, low carbon and made from renewable and recycled content, while ecologically sound site cleaning products are also gaining traction.

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