Wellington Electricians

Wellington Electricians

Refresh Renovations in Wellington offer a variety of residential electrical services using qualified and experienced electricians. Refresh can assist you with any home electrical needs, from lighting designs to surround sound multimedia installations. 

How can Refresh Renovations save me time and money?

Refresh provides you with one point of contact through your entire renovation and your project is managed for you. This ensures there are no miscommunications, allowing projects to run on time and on budget. 

Does Refresh provide mains and switchboard upgrades?  

Refresh can arrange mains and switchboard upgrades, should your home need it. Generally, upgrading a switchboard will only take a day or two. The mains could take longer as this involves upgrading the incoming power cable to your house, which will require coordination with Vector. Read our article on Basic Lighting and Electrical Costs


Does Refresh provide smart home design and installation?

If you want ultimate control over the functionality of your home, Refresh can guide you through smart home options and carry out the full installation. Depending on your requirements, the installation could take from several weeks to several months. A specialist can advise you on the timeframe and budget of your particular design early on and adjust it to fit your budget if necessary.

What is involved in lighting design and installing LED lighting?
Following a consultation, your Refresh specialist can design a lighting plan within your budget that is in line with your style and priorities. LED's are usually more expensive than standard lights but have a longer life and cost less to run. The timeframe of the installation will depend on whether or not there is already an existing lighting circuit that the LED light/s can be wired into. If there is, the installation of each light should take around ½ an hour to 1 hour, depending on the type of lighting.

Will Refresh Renovations set up my smoke alarm?
A standard, battery-powered smoke alarm is easy to install yourself. However, hard wired smoke detectors last much longer than battery operated alarms. One of our Wellington specialists can arrange for this to be installed for you.

What services do you provide in terms of heating and air conditioning?
With heating and air conditioning it is important to invest in a good quality, trustworthy brand. Refresh Renovations only work with brands we trust and can take care of your entire heating and air conditioning solution. This includes installing air conditioning units, insulation and glazing. Refresh will ensure a trusted electrician carries out the process of running a power supply from your home switchboard to the AC unit, and that all of your heating and air conditioning needs are met.

Can you advise me on solar solutions for my home?
If you want a home design that is environmentally conscious, Refresh can provide solar solutions that meet your living requirements. Solar panels last approximately 25 years and are a great option for those wanting to spend less on electricity bills.

Can Refresh Renovations take care of setting up hot water systems?  
Refresh can help you to select the right hot water system for your home and can usually have it installed within one day, depending on the system.

How much will my project cost?

The best way to attain a cost-estimate accurate to your project is to speak to your local renovations specialist. For a rough guide, check out our project estimates

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