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Wet rooms, that is, totally waterproofed bathrooms with a same-level shower area, provide fantastic accessibility to washing facilities that may be difficult for those with limited mobility. Traditionally a room installed into the home for future-proofing purposes, homeowners around the UK are now turning to such spaces for ease of access and freedom within a wash room. With water drained away through a flush drain and everything sealed in with a waterproof membrane, wet rooms prove less risk than conventional bathrooms in ever ‘springing a leak’; particularly in older, terraced homes.
Some homeowners choose to install a wet room in addition to their family bathroom, and others instead of: and whichever you’re choosing to do in your West London home, Refresh Renovations can help.

What aspects of Wet Room design do Refresh undertake?

Whether you’re after a traditional sealed wet room or a more spa style bathroom, Refresh Renovations will take care of every detail: from design conception through to project completion. Our services include:
- Bespoke family bathroom designs
- Luxury bathroom designs
- Wet-room designs
- En-suites designs
- Small bathroom designs
- Bathroom building
- Bathroom renovations
- Full project management

What are the trends in Wet Rooms at the moment?

Wet rooms are growing in popularity as homeowners embrace them not just for future-proofing and access purposes, but also an easy-to-clean family bathroom that can be used as easily by children as older people. We’ve seen an increase in demand for wet rooms but also for those including bespoke storage solutions, split-layouts to include dry areas (for clothes and towels) and spa-style benches for drying.

How much does a Wet Room cost to install?

The cost of a wet room installation depends on the scope of the job at hand; as existing bathrooms can often be converted to wet rooms much easier and cheaper than a room that doesn’t have existing plumbing infrastructure. The most expensive and often underestimated cost is that of the sealant; ensuring that the room is entirely protected and no moisture leaves other than through the designated drain/s.

Why choose Refresh for your Wet Room?

Refresh Renovations works on an end-to-end project management basis, so every aspect of your job is looked after by us. This affords homeowners the unusual chance to get on with their daily lives without interruption and to just enjoy the finished product at the end of the job!

Will I need planning permission for a Wet Room?

Unless your home is situated in a conservation area or is listed, there should be no requirement for planning permission when installing a wet room.

What areas do Refresh operate in?

Refresh West London take care of wet room and bathroom design across Ealing, Brentford, Chiswick, Gunnersbury, and the surrounding areas.

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