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Roofs are often left unconsidered when it comes to home renovations until something goes wrong; a tile dislodges and a leak springs up or a debris gets stuck in the gutters and there’s a blockage. Refresh West London often works on roofing as part of larger home renovations but can also take on roofing projects as standalone jobs if desired. Throughout the region, our roofing team work on properties of all shapes and sizes – even some with some very unusual roofs in place!

What aspects of roofing do Refresh undertake?

Refresh’s specialist team of roofing work on both flat and pitched roofs, spanning:
- Slating
- Tiling
- Roof installations
- Solar panel installations
- Roof re-modelling
- Extensions/additions
- Chimney repairs
- Insulation
- Carpentry
- Roofing repairs
- Gutter replacements
- Fascia and soffit replacements
- Thatching

What are the trends in roofing right now?

Roofing isn’t influenced by design trends in the same way that some other home renovations are but there certainly are fluctuations in the type of materials being chosen by homeowners. Popular choices at present include metal, copper, concrete and asphalt, as well as slate, which has long been the mainstream option. 

How much does a new roof or re-roofing cost?

Installing, repairing or replacing a roof will vary in cost depending on the size of the roof, the access to the site and the materials used. Generally speaking, homeowners can expect to pay £5,500 - £10,000+ for standard re-tiling, but may be considerably more expensive for slate shingles. 
*These costs are rough estimates only and are subject to change. For a quote accurate to your project, please get in touch with a renovation consultant

Why choose Refresh for my new roof?

Rather than hire a standard team of roofers as you usually would when approaching a new roof or re-roofing job, Refresh tap into their portfolio of specialist staff to put together exactly the right team for the requirements of the renovation. This may include experts in certain roofing types and will always include a dedicated project manager to oversee everything and everyone involved.

Will I need planning permission for a new roof to be installed?


**While roofing doesn’t often demand planning permission, it may be the extension it is going on does; or that other requirements such as ‘like for like’ materials must be used. The Refresh project manager will manage any such needs and liaise with the relevant Local Planning Authority as required.

What areas do Refresh West London operate in?

Refresh West London take care of roofing through Harrow, Wembley, Hayes, Kew and the surrounding areas, with other local Refresh offices serving the rest of Greater London. If you’re unsure which Refresh office covers your area, give us a call and we can refer you on to our colleagues near you.

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