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Lofts and attics occur in many of the properties throughout West London; in the ‘burbs, the built-up urban centres and through the larger countryside homes. For most, a loft is a mainly empty space with the odd old storage box up there, but they have great space potential that can be realised through a proper conversion.
It’s rare to find a loft that can’t be insulated and converted into another room; with new plumbing and electrics added as needed. Refresh Renovations West London have worked on all kinds of attic boarding, insulation and conversion projects including adding in staircases, en-suites and skylights.

What aspects of Loft Conversions do Refresh undertake?

At Refresh, we approach our projects on a full management basis, taking care of every detail from start to finish. This includes:
- Architectural drawings
- Structural engineering
- Bespoke designs
- Construction
- Roof conversions
- Dormer loft conversions
- Loft extensions
- Loft additions
- Interior design
- Electrical work
- Plumbing
- Carpentry
- Planning permission applications and appeals (as required).

What are the trends in Loft Conversions at the moment?

There are two main types of loft conversion in vogue at the moment: the standard conversion that sees the room insulated and lit before being decorated, and a dormer loft conversion. A dormer loft conversion adds further space by extending out the roof and can usually be done without the need for planning permission with a box-shaped structure added. The latter is great for those looking to do something special with their loft and really make it into a usable room!

How much does Converting a Loft cost?

Loft conversions requiring minimum intervention and boarding can begin at £3,000+ but larger scope jobs vary. Refresh always take a property visit to best understand a job before providing a free, no-obligation quote for any loft conversion.

Why choose Refresh for a Loft Conversion?

Refresh operate worldwide and utilise their highly skilled network of contractors and tradespeople to acquire the best possible team for every job. This means that your loft conversion can be realised and made a reality with the exact experts needed to do so.

Will I need planning permission for my Loft Conversion?

It’s a common misconception that loft conversions always require planning permission – not least because they’re fairly big jobs! Most conversions, even dormer loft conversions, can be completed under Permitted Development Rights that allow homeowners to make amendments to their home by themselves. However, the rules may be different for major works or if you live in a listed building and your Refresh Project Manager will be able to advise what is, and isn’t, needed.

What areas do Refresh West London operate in?

Refresh West London take care of loft conversions in Gunnersbury, Brentford, Chiswick, Kew and the surrounding areas.

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