Bathrooms are one of the most commonly renovated rooms in houses. They are also one of the most susceptible to cost and time overruns. The main reason for these issues arising is poor planning, and reluctance from some homeowners to understand the merits of paying for comprehensive pre-planning.

Bathrooms may be small. But they involve more trades and suppliers than most renovations. Possibly involving a builder, plumber, electrician, plasterer, painter, tiler and licensed waterproofing applicators, glazing company, bathroom fitting and tiling stores and a specialist shower liner installer. Potentially over 10 separate companies and sub-contractors to coordinate! Without a professional managing the design and time frame planning, a project involving this many suppliers will easily run over time and exceed budget expectations. The final product can also look uncoordinated, and poor workmanship will be disappointing to look at each time the bathroom is used.

A skilled bathroom designer has other benefits including access to finishes and fixtures which may not be available from general retailers. Also, their knowledge of design detailing creates little pleasures that make your bathroom specifically yours. For example, many of our clients enjoy us installing power points behind mirror cabinets for recharging toothbrushes, subsequently avoiding the need to keep these items on the vanity.

Our suggestion is to consider speaking with a specialist bathroom designer or better still a company that offers both design and construction management of bathroom renovations.


Nick Leko is a Registered Architect with 20 years’ experience, whose work includes residential design and build. If you have any questions on house renovations you would like him to address in Vibrant Hutt, get in touch.

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