Revamping your dining room for Thanksgiving

Small improvements that can make this turkey-day dinner unforgettable!

How is it Thanksgiving again, already?... Is your dining room ready for turkey- day dinner?  
If not, read on and discover a few dining room improvement inspirations to get your space ready to host friends and family this holiday season. 

1. Refresh your walls

Fresh paint can do wonders for a room! Even if you are not changing the color, a fresh coat of paint will ‘refresh’ and clean up the overall look of the space. If you are looking for a different look and feel, try a new color of paint. 
For the neutral look, try gray or beige. These colors will add a slight touch of warmth and elegance to the dining room, as these colors are subtle and will be easier to incorporate with most furniture and decor. 
If your existing dining room is dark and needs some lightening up, go for a white paint. This color will reflect natural and artificial light, giving the space a larger and lighter feel. White is a natural adaptive color, and will work with every style of furnishing.
Feeling bold and want to surprise your guests with a vibrant and chic dining room? Be brave and go for emerald, amethyst and sapphire colors, also known as deep jewel tones. These colors will bring the dramatic punch, but also remain elegant at the same time. 

Painting is a great way to freshen up a room!

2. Revamp your light fixtures

How long has that light fixture been in your dining room? Let me guess, since you moved in! 
There are countless lighting fixtures on the market tailored for your individual style and need. Let's take a look at just three.
- Crystal Chandelier: Probably the most traditional of all three lighting fixtures we will look at. Sleek and glamorous in appearance, long light fixtures tend to work best when centered over long dining room tables that seat at least six or more people. 
- Wicker Lighting: Bringing in natural elements and earthy textures into your dining room will not only warm up the space, but also bring a sense of modernness. 
- Sputnik Chandelier: This light fixture has a core that is surrounded by numerous arms containing light bulbs. As this light fixture is quite eclectic, it is often used for a statement piece, perfect for above the dining room table!
So, maybe you already have the perfect light fixture for your dining room, however you could use some additional lighting in the space. Ceiling can lighting is a great way to add lighting to your space, without taking up additional space. If you prefer not to mess with drywall so close to Thanksgiving, a corner lamp fixture will also light up your space.  

Wicker Light Feature in a beautiful simplistic dining room, with natural color tones.

3. Feature wall

Feeling adventurous and want to really change up your space just before Thanksgiving guests arrive? Two words… feature wall! Let’s explore two extremes of this, one will create a little more dust than the other. 
Batten and board feature wall: This wall includes wood strips layered on drywall or wood panels to create a dimensional pattern. Most common types of batten and board feature walls are installed to just the half portion of the wall, although, applying this feature to the entire wall can provide an impressive look and feel to the space. Though there are a ton of different options for batten and board walls, we will look at just two:
- Herringbone Board and Batten: Not only does this pattern provide texture and is attractive to the eye, it will provide your space with a feeling of movement. 
- Partial or full Board and Batten: This type of pattern is simple, but effective. Vertical wood strips can stop half way up the wall, or to make your space appear taller, have the wood strips continue the entire length of the wall.
Wallpaper accent wall: If you want a feature wall and want to avoid the dust, maybe a wallpaper accent wall will be suitable for your space. Once you’ve decided to create the perfect dining room feature wall with wallpaper, keep in mind the following: 
- Keep true to your style: Are you and your furnishings more traditional, modern, minimalist or contemporary? You’ll want to stay true to who you are and what style of furnishings you have, so there isn’t a clash. 
- Choose your color tones: Try to choose the overall color tones for example are you looking for the space to feel warm, cool or neutral? 
- Decide on your pattern style: With your style and color tone preferences in mind, you will be able to recognize which pattern will work for you and the space.  
- Materials & Textures: Like all products, there are countless options to choose from, and it’s the same with wallpaper. Do you want textured wall paper or prefer a smooth look? Textured can sometimes be a little harder to clean, while a smoother wallpaper will be a quick clean. 
- Wall paper scale: Choosing a pattern that is smaller in scale can sometimes portray a busy appearance, however it may be what is missing for your dining room space. On the other hand, choosing a larger pattern can provide your space with a sense of movement and calmness. 
- Modern wallpaper products: On the market today, removable vinyls are an option. This is a great way to explore having a wallpaper feature wall, without the long-term commitment. 

Dining room batten and board wall feature.
Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, however there is still time to get your dining room ready for turkey-day dinner! 

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