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If you’re no fan of overheating or having the stream in onto your computer or TV screen (and let’s face it, who is?), then you’ll want to check out the latest innovation in window covering fabric technology. Once erected, these nifty SilverScreen shades allow ample diffused light to stream through without oppressive heat and what’s more, you can still see through them to admire the view!

SilverScreen Shades on back of living room screen shades

So how does it work? Simply put, the back of the screens are covered with an ultra-fine layer of vapourised aluminium which reflects heat from the sun, bouncing it back outside from where it came, while allowing soft, glare-free light to enter the room. The screens are formaldehyde-free and work year-round, repelling heat during summer, and retaining warmth during winter, resulting in significant energy savings.

SilverScreen shades on back of horizontal white shades

When the sun disappears or if the screens are no longer required they can be rolled up out of sight, or just left down. Whether you’re inside the building or out, the contemporary design looks stylish, 24/7.

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