How much does a basic kitchen renovation cost in the United States

Basic doesn't mean boring and when it comes to kitchens you can do a lot for a little. With a bit of clever planning you can revamp your kitchen on a small budget.

Basic home kitchen renovation with orange cabinet, basic appliances.
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Basic doesn’t mean boring and when it comes to kitchens you can do a lot for a little. With a bit of clever planning, you can revamp your kitchen on a small budget. A basic kitchen renovation in the US is likely to cost around $28,000*. Our simple tips below will help you keep your costs in check. Read on to find out what you can get for your money, or view our mid-range kitchen and high-end kitchen estimates if you are looking for something more.

Can I change the layout of my kitchen?

Moving the location of your sink or stove, in other words, the positioning of plumbing points and electrical outlets, is a major cost-contributing factor. Exactly how much extra money would be needed depends on the size, location, and layout of your kitchen. In any case, if you are able to stick to the original floor plan and structure of your kitchen, you will be able to minimize the cost of remodeling. The same goes for existing doors and windows. You should plan on up to $28,000* to complete a basic makeover of your kitchen, keeping everything where it is, or more if you are set on including a couple of extras.
While the layout of your kitchen is likely to remain somewhat similar, you can make a big impact with your choice of color and accessories. Backsplashes and wall paint are affordable ways to inject some of your favorite colors. Smaller accessories such as bar stools, wall clocks, and fruit bowls are also great options to add colorful highlights. If you opt for an eclectic kitchen style you could create space for displaying brightly colored vessels or include open shelves that show off your dinnerware. Other kitchen styles include the rather clutter-free modern-contemporary style and the rustic look that incorporates a lot of natural wood and ‘stressed’ or vintage cabinets. Depending on the era of your existing kitchen you could also opt for a ‘50s or 60s retro’ kitchen that embraces some of this period’s features.

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Should I buy new kitchen appliances?

Obviously, you’ll be able to save a huge amount of money if you stay with your existing appliances. Consider which appliances still work (and are likely to work for several years to come) and which may need replacing. You might be able to focus on one or two new key items. If you do have to put in new appliances, you can opt for plain models that will do the job and match your kitchen style. Make sure you go for energy-efficient products that will help you save money over their lifespan. Building your appliances into the kitchen and covering them with cabinetry usually requires more expensive, custom-made cabinetry.

What type of countertops and backsplash suit my budget?

Laminate remains the most common and most economical material for countertop surfaces in US kitchens. It has developed a lot in recent years; it’s practical, durable, and comes in a host of colors and styles. Bamboo or stainless steel countertops are interesting but are slightly more expensive alternatives. Bamboo tops add a warm wooden tone to your kitchen. Stainless steel, on the other hand, creates a more sleek and modern look. It’s long been used in commercial kitchens, as it’s hygienic and easy to clean. If your budget stretches a little bit further, you could consider laminated timber.

ceramic backsplash in US kitchen
When it comes to backsplashes, ceramic tiles work well and won’t break the bank. You could opt for a neutral, plain style or choose different colors or patterns. If money is really tight or you want to use more expensive materials such as mosaics or glass, consider covering just the area immediately above and next to the stovetop. You could also install a longer but lower strip of backsplash material. Paint the rest of the wall in a good quality, antibacterial paint specifically designed for kitchens.

What cabinetry options do I have?

Using standard cabinets throughout is the way to go on a smaller budget. These days there is a great choice of styles available. Even better, consider replacing cabinet doors only, and keeping any structurally sound cabinets you already have. Adding new doorknobs or handles is a small detail that can ‘up-cycle’ your cabinets significantly. You can also repaint or resurface existing cabinets. In some cases, cabinet doors can remain in place and be spray coated, but more often than not you will have to dismantle the kitchen cabinets and then install the cabinets again. Depending on the changes you are making to your kitchen and the state of the cabinets, it may actually be more efficient and cost-effective to replace all the kitchen cabinetry with standard cabinets. Many companies offer flat-pack kitchen sets that are good value for money and easy to install.

What lighting can I have with a basic budget?

Lighting is a really important component in any kitchen and that includes both natural and artificial lighting. You will need to work with the windows and doors you already have, so you won’t be able to change the amount of natural light that enters your kitchen. However, you can upgrade your light fixtures to ensure your task lighting is sufficient. Keep it simple and functional. Modern recessed lights are an easy way to illuminate the whole kitchen. You could consider using dimmable lights so you can set the scene when entertaining. Halogen lights work well, however, LEDs are becoming more popular and affordable. If you are keen to include a pendant light now or sometime in the future, make sure you discuss this with your contractor and get the necessary electrical wiring in place.

What flooring options do I have?

Linoleum and luxury vinyl are two inexpensive flooring options for your kitchen. Both are hard-wearing, easy to clean, and resilient against water damage. Linoleum is a natural product that is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Luxury vinyl has a high-quality finish and is available in the form of tiles or wood-looking planks. The material absorbs sound better than ceramic tiles and is warmer underfoot.

wood look linoleum
If you’re able to spend a little bit of extra money on your flooring you could consider ceramic tiles or bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource and a more affordable alternative to traditional hardwood floors.

If you have a slightly bigger budget to work with, why not read our mid-range kitchen renovations and high-end kitchen renovations.

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