How much would it cost to remodel my full home in League City?

Curious about how much it would cost to remodel your League City home? Check out our remodeling price guide to learn more about what to expect.

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Dreaming up ways to redesign your house may include visions of marble, bold colors, and lush fabrics. A surefire way to ruin the fun is to start thinking about how much it may cost. But if you’re serious about planning a remodeling project, it’s something you have to consider. We get a lot of questions about cost and it’s difficult to provide a valuable answer without context. So, we’ve put together a remodeling price guide to help give you a better idea of how and where your money will be spent during a full home renovation. 

Full-home Renovation Costs vs. Room-by-room Remodel

Remodeling a house room by room instead of all at once may be easier to manage financially, but it could cost you more in the long run. For example, tackling a full home renovation will theoretically require you to hire contractors, order supplies, apply for permits, execute demolition, and arrange waste management once, saving you time and money on logistical costs. Organising individual renovations for your bathroom, kitchen, garage, and living room means you’ll have to do all of the above, four times over, but you’ll be able to space out the necessary payments. 

There’s no right or wrong approach. Only what works for your particular situation. If you’d like to go over your options or discuss if a full-home renovation is the best approach, get in touch with a local League City Remodeling Consultant. 

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Main Budget Drivers of a Renovation

The overall scope determines the cost of a project. But what’s included in a scope? Labor, materials, project management fees, permits, and taxes to name a few. Most renovation specialists build a contingency cushion into their estimates. This isn’t to rip you off. It’s to account for the inevitable unforeseen costs that crop up during a project. This could be asbestos, rot, a funky layout in an old home, unpermitted work done by previous homeowners, the list goes on. 

At Refresh, our project costing is all-inclusive, meaning the cost estimate we provide you, includes all of the above. Homeowners find this comprehensive pricing model gives them peace of mind knowing that the only additional costs that they may incur, are related to changes in scope and project variations. 

How To Estimate Your House Remodel Costs

The only way to accurately estimate the cost of your home improvement projects is to work with a professional who can identify exactly what needs to be done and works with suppliers and contractors whose pricing they’re familiar with. However, we can help you guesstimate some costs by giving you a price range for popular home renovation projects based on the average size of a home in Texas (2,200 sq ft.)

Average cost of kitchen remodel in Texas

You can expect to spend anywhere between $25,000-$150,000*+ on a kitchen renovation in Texas. A like-for-like renovation is more budget-friendly than a full gut and rebuild, which will incur significant labor and material costs.  

Average cost of bathroom remodel in Texas

Whether you want to make cosmetic changes to your half-bath or completely remodel your primary ensuite into a spa-inspired paradise will significantly impact the cost. Bathroom renovations cost anywhere from $20,000 to over $70,000*. 

Cost of an exterior home remodel

An exterior home remodel is a broad category that can include various elements from roof repairs and new cladding to driveway installations and window updates. For example, an exterior renovation that includes a vinyl siding replacement ($15,000*), wooden window replacements ($24,000*), and a new deck ($15,000*) will cost over $50,000* but another project replacing an asphalt shingle roof will run you $25,000*. So, as with any other project, the cost reflects the complete scope. 

Changing the floor plan of a house

You’ve heard of “load-bearing walls” but what does that actually mean? Some walls are built to create rooms or divide spaces; these are strictly cosmetic and can be knocked down with no repercussions. But some walls were built to hold your house up and support its weight. So, any time a home’s structural integrity is altered, you can expect to shell out a pretty penny. And rightfully so as these projects affect the safety of your home. 

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How to Spend Smart on Your Renovation

You may be trying to figure out how to manage a home renovation project on your own to save money. But the reality is that professional project management is proven to save homeowners time and money thanks to efficient procedures, planning expertise, and established relationships with trades and supply partners. 

Curious about how much your home remodeling project would cost?

Let’s talk about it! Get in touch with a local League City Remodeling Consultant to arrange a no-obligation consultation during which you can discuss your goals, budget, and ideas to redesign your home!

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