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With the rising cost of water and water heating, the water efficiency of your shower is becoming a more important consideration. However, nobody wants to sacrifice a good shower for those cost savings.

Caroma, new flow shower head

With the rising cost of water and water heating, the water efficiency of your shower is becoming a more important consideration.  However, nobody wants to sacrifice a good shower for those cost savings.
With Caroma’s new Flow shower, you get the best of both worlds.  The distinctively designed Caroma Flow shower features a new approach to water and energy efficient shower technology. The product overcomes the issue of how to produce a good, ultra-low flow shower experience.
With Caroma Flow you can achieve total energy savings of up to 28 percent compared to an equivalent 3-star shower, providing a significant reduction in carbon emissions and leaves more money in your wallet.
Generating consistent water flow quality, the highly efficient and patented shower nozzle is engineered to deliver the same or better performance as a conventional nine litres per minute shower, saving on both water usage and hot water energy running costs. The nozzle and geometry design disperses the water spray so that no holes or gaps are produced within the spray pattern. The shower surpasses all benchmarks for superior uniform spray coverage, distribution, and water force with an ultra low flow rate.
In New Zealand, the highest WELS rating for a shower outlet is 3 Stars and this applies to outlets with a flow rate of 9 litres per minute. The new Caroma Flow achieves a flow rate of 6.5 litres per minute whilst retaining excellent shower pressure and thereby providing an enjoyable shower experience.  Its WELS rating remains at the best rating of 3 Star, but water usage calculations can be based on the low flow rate of 6.5 litres per minute, as independent tests have confirmed.
The product offers many features and benefits beyond its water efficiency. It has an easy-to-use sliding spray system that can adjust the breadth of spray spread to meet personal preferences. It includes a swivel ball joint which allows the nozzle to be moved to achieve the desired water direction. It is easy to install and has an attractive modern design.
The shower head would be a perfect inclusion in your next bathroom renovation project – whatever the size.

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For more information about bout the range of Caroma baths, visit the Caroma website.

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