Cathedral ceiling lighting ideas

The kitchen and dining room area are two different areas of activity, requiring different options of lighting according to your functional needs.

Cathedral ceiling with up-lighting between exposed beams in open-plan living area
ARTICLE Frank Ruohonen

An interesting starting point for this renovation is to aim to create areas of light and shade. You can achieve this by positioning lights where they are needed and keeping less important areas unlit. This is a functional way of installing lighting and can also make a space feel visually dynamic.
You have two different areas of activities – the kitchen and the dining area. Look at the kitchen as a ‘task’ area and the dining area as a recreation space for family and friends to dine and relax.
As a primary task area, the kitchen needs to have good lighting positioned directly above the work surfaces, aiming to provide a quality, uniform level of light. Adjustable recessed LED or low voltage halogen lights can be a great option here. If the ceiling is higher than around 2.7 metres, then the pendant lighting can be used to create a ‘platform light’ close to the work surface. You could, for example, use minimalist Slim Line T5 fluorescent lights or decorative pendants hung in rows above the bench, to provide both uplighting and downlighting.
A cathedral ceiling is a significant ceiling and if you have one of these, the challenge is to include an uplight component that will enhance the special effect in the room while at the same time offering a decorative and functional light over the dining table.
Large diameter (500 to 600 millimetres) shallow fabric drum shades that can utilize three to four 20-watt energy saver lamps provide a great opportunity – suspended low over the dining table they highlight the table as well as the ceiling above. In addition, LED or low voltage recessed tilt lights can be positioned around the perimeter of this space (approximately 600 millimeters off the walls) to softly enhance artwork, window coverings, bookshelves and seating areas.
An important aspect that you should always consider is lighting control. A combination of creative switching and dimming circuits will allow you to create the perfect ambience and mood to suit any occasion.

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