Choosing the Perfect Attic Stairs

When we renovate, we are often looking to increase storage in our homes. A simple and cost-effective way is to use an Attic Stair to access your roof space.

attic stairs

When we renovate, we are often looking to increase storage in our homes. A simple and cost-effective way is to use an Attic Stair to access your roof space. Hometech can help you to select the right Attic Stair for your renovation.
The team at Hometech have put together a list of the most important deciding factors for choosing the best Attic Ladder for your renovation. Folding attic stairs are becoming more and more popular in the Kiwi home – they offer great space savings by eliminating the need for big, bulky staircases, and provide easy and convenient access to the house attic. If you’re thinking of installing folding attic stairs in your home, blindly choosing just any product isn’t the best way to go. As the experts in the most functional attic ladders in the market, here at Hometech, we’ve compiled a list of important factors to consider when choosing the perfect attic stairs that are suited to your family’s needs. Read them below:

1. Dimensions/Measurements

Attic stairs go into your ceiling and unfold into your floor space, so it’s essential to make sure your chosen ladder will fit within the space that you have. From the outset, properly acquiring the right dimensions and measurements will save you a lot of time and money. Measure the (1) attic opening size, (2) floor-to-ceiling height, (3) swing clearance, and (4) landing space. Having all these measurements will help you choose the right attic stairs, ensuring safe and easy operation.

2. Material Most attic ladders are manufactured using either wood or metal 

Wooden attic stairs are more common and generally less expensive than their metal counterpart. Metal attic stairs are normally made of aluminium, making them light-weight and long-lasting. They are also able to handle more weight than wooden ladders.

3. Features

Additional features, especially for enhancing operational safety, should also be considered before purchasing attic ladders. Hometech supplies FAKRO attic ladders that come with additional safety features that make them easier to operate, such as opening rods, handrails, grooved treads to prevent slipping, and stile ends that protect floor surfaces from scratches. If you or anyone in the family needs assistance and extra stability when climbing attic stairs, investing in these extra features can help prevent accidents from happening and ensure your family can access the attic safely.

4. Quality and Warranty

Quality is by far the most important factor to consider when choosing the right attic stairs. Attic stairs should meet all technical and safety requirements for maximising ease of use and comfort, as well as have a lengthy service life and warranty period. When it comes to choosing the perfect attic stairs, investing in high-quality products guarantees that you will receive the best value for your money. This is why Hometech offers a 3-year warranty on our full range of FAKRO attic stairs.
Choosing the right attic stairs for your home doesn’t have to be a difficult or complex process. Simply consider these most crucial factors so you can get safer and easier access to your attic space! For more information on home storage solutions, Solatube daylighting systems, ventilation systems NZ, kitchen ventilation, home storage solutions and whole-house ventilation systems please go to .

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