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colour of the year 2023

Yet again, Coloro x WSGN has declared a fantastic new colour of the year for 2023 – Digital Lavender. Or, as it is better known within the colour industry – 134-67-16. Last year saw the rise of a maroon pink known as Orchid Flower, but this year the change has shifted towards a more fluorescent colour which brings with it a sense of calming with a touch of fun. A similar colour was touted as being a hue of interest in 2022 by Pantone, naming it Very Peri, which is a mixture of blue and purple, and this new Digital Lavender is not a million miles away, being in the same colour family. 
This kind of colour does promote a sense of wellbeing, with the plant lavender itself being used for centuries to bring peaceful nights and relaxing days, however there is something slightly different about this newly introduced version. It is somewhat cold in nature, being an unnatural colour seldom seen in the natural world, so it speaks of isolation, as well as the merger between the digital and the physical realms. 
It is expected that this light and exotic, almost neon, purple hue will be leading the way in colour tones going into 2023, with customers searching for that unique pastel hue to bring them peace and relaxation without overpowering as regular purple hues can so often do. 

A Multifunctional Colour To Take The World By Storm

Not only is this new colour going to be awash on catwalks at some of the trendiest locations in the world such as London and Milan, but it is also going to be working its way into homes around the globe too. Whether it is used as an accent cushion to really make a dark blue or white bedspread pop with colour, or to create a feature wall in a contemporary kitchen, Digital Lavender is no doubt going to have universal reach. 
It will make waves in the retail industry too, and you can bet that consumer electrical items such as smartphones and music players will be awash with Digital Lavender, with the kind of shimmer and sheen associated with technology and the digital realm. It will also likely feature heavily on digital accessories like earphones and cases, no doubt snapped up by some of the biggest brands. 
Digital Lavender has a unique colouration which makes it perfect for all kinds of branding on clothing, or even virtual clothing ranges in the metaverse thanks to its highly sensory qualities. It’s also going to be a colour we’re going to see more and more associated with health and wellness, with it’s uniquely contemporary colour mixed with therapeutic properties. 

8 Reasons Digital Lavender Was Chosen

  1. It is gender inclusive with both blues and purples shining through the futuristic hue
  2. The colour is more or less neutral that will be accepted by everyone including Gen Z
  3. Covid-19 changed the way people related to colour, and we need this kind of escapism
  4. It signifies a digital transformation taking place from the physical to metaverse spaces
  5. The colour is optimistic and gives a wash of hope for the years ahead as the world changes
  6. It has a spiritual and mysterious air about it, being a colour that is not naturally seen
  7. This hue of purple is already seen in lots of digital game realms where magic is involved
  8. It brings with it a sense of soothing and calming as well as a brightness and cheer ## Inspirations For The Colour Of The Year This year, as with many years prior, the colour of the year put forward by Coloro and WGSN has taken inspiration from a range of places.  Firstly, there is the popular range of clothing by Puma called Living Color which features products created using a method of dyeing which does not include any kind of chemicals harmful to the environment. One of the main colours produced for this rage is something akin to a light purple, and it features on everything from dresses and t-shirts to shorts and sports jerseys. Inspiration for the colour also comes from Andrés Reisinger who is a digital artist from Argentina. He uses a range of techniques to create furniture pieces on both the real world as well as the digital one. Not only does this allow him the creative freedom to make designs which are out of this world, but also experiment with other worldly colour forms, bright pinks and neon purples to name a few.  Mercedes-Benz also makes the list of inspirations for Digital Lavender thanks to their design in the form or VISION AVTR, a vehicle which is blurring the lines between the natural and the digital or inorganic. Their main displays of this piece of engineering art are always accompanied by this purple hue which gives it a futuristic feel, which is what Coloro x WGSN are looking to harness.  Another motivation for naming this the colour of the year comes from the spiritual realm, with the crown chakra colour being purple. This esoteric form of spiritualism has gained in popularity in recent years with the embracing of yoga, and as the pandemic finally draws to a close this chosen colour perhaps signifies a drifting towards the spiritual instead of the physical.   All in all, Digital Lavender can mean many things to many people, but what we are all really looking for as we head into 2023 is some calmness, peace, stability, and a sense of escaping into the digital rather than focusing on the chaos which can sometimes invade our lives in the real world.  ‍ ## Get in Touch Are you loving Digital Lavender, but wondering where it could make an appearance in your home? Perhaps in the kitchen with some under cabinet lighting to create a futuristic glow? Or how about in the bedroom with a pearly and reflective piece of contemporary ceramic glaze? If you want to make the best use of colour in your home, including the latest and greatest Colour of the Year, then get in touch with the team here at Refresh Renovations – we know the colours that go! ‍

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