Pros and Cons of a Full House Remodel

Remodeling a lakeside house is no walk in the park. But we’re here to fill you in on the benefits and challenges of taking on a full home remodel.

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So, your Lake Oswego home could use a makeover. That’s where we come in! Keep reading to understand the pluses and minuses that come with a whole house remodel. If you’re eager to learn more or get started on your design-and-build Lake Oswego project, reach out to our local Remodeling Consultants and start your journey with an initial consultation.

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The Pros: 

Let’s start with the remodeling pros – there are plenty of positives! 

Highlight Lake Oswego’s Natural Beauty

Your home is situated in such a gorgeous area, you’ll want to maximize your views! A full home remodel can do just that. Drink in the beauty from your own four-seasons sunroom or create a novel outdoor living area overlooking the lake vistas, complete with a fire pit, custom deck, and swimming pool. 

When you choose to renovate your whole house, it’s often a great opportunity to rethink your home’s indoor-outdoor flow and get creative with contemporary designs and features to enhance your home’s relationship with its surroundings.

Increase Your Home’s Value

For the most part, when you choose to renovate your home, you’ll see a return on investment. Remodeling your Lake Oswego home could make your property more appealing in the market when it comes time to sell, but only if it’s done right and you haven’t overcapitalized!

Working with a remodeling expert at Refresh Renovations means you not only receive guidance when it comes to design and construction, but also expert budget planning to ensure you can maximize your house’s dollar value with these new changes

Make Your Home Safer

A complete home remodel provides the opportunity to ensure your house is free of safety concerns. This might include having an electrician check out or replace dated outlets, wiring, and circuit breakers to reinforce fire safety. This all-encompassing remodel can also give you the chance to check on your house’s foundation and structural integrity, especially if you have an older home that was constructed prior to stringent building codes. In the Northwest, seismic retrofits are another important safety consideration that can be constructed or repaired during a full home remodel.

Curated Customizations

Get creative when customizing your home to suit your style and needs. This could mean anything from customizing kitchen cabinetry to enhancing storage space to adding bespoke bathroom features for a spa-level look and feel. Often these types of custom features stand out to potential homebuyers too! 

Your Remodeling Consultant will be able to advise you on the optimal customizations to consider for your Lake Oswego home, as well as ones that are simply not worth the investment.

Revitalize Overused Spaces

Your kitchen and bathrooms see the most wear and tear over time. Pay careful consideration when renovating these rooms to breathe new life into your home. You might decide to rethink your kitchen’s layout and storage solutions for a highly functional, beautiful space. In your bathroom, replacing fixtures and tiles are subtle changes that can go a long way.

Read about this epic transformation that took this South Shore home from dated and drab to cool and minimalist, thanks to thoughtful remodeling in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Save Money in the Long Term

One major perk to a full home remodel is the ability to take care of all necessary repairs in one fell swoop. When you handle this kind of maintenance during a remodel, you can save lots of time and money in the long run.

Tackling repairs during a remodel can also grant you peace of mind when the project is complete. After all, there’s comfort in knowing that the finished product is safe and free from costly issues.

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The Cons of Full House Remodels 

While remodeling your entire home comes with many benefits, there are a few challenges to consider as well. However, you can mitigate these issues when you choose to work with a trusted industry professional.

Expect the Unexpected

A real truth when it comes to renovating is that unforeseen circumstances can and do arise. This can take many forms, including supply shortages, construction delays, or discovering deeper foundational issues that require money and time to take care of.

When you work with a Lake Oswego Remodeling Consultant, you can rest assured they will be your advocate when issues arise and help you allocate your budget to accommodate for any extra costs.

Risky Remodeling Choices

Overcapitalization is a real risk for home remodels. This is where the total dollar amount of your project exceeds the amount that you’re able to make back from the sale of your home. This kind of deficit can happen for a number of reasons, most of them centering around poor budget planning and uninformed remodeling decisions.

Working with a remodeling professional can help you avoid a budget blowout.

Learn our five tips to plan and add value to your remodel.

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How much does it cost to remodel a house?

The cost of your remodel will depend on the full size and scope of your project. You’ll have to consider labor and material costs, project management fees, taxes, and permits. A Lake Oswego Remodeling Consultant can provide you with an approximate estimate for your remodel. 

Is it better to build or renovate?

Typically, renovating costs less than building, even if you are renovating your entire home. But if there are extreme structural changes you’re hoping to make, a new build might be right for you.

What adds the biggest value to a house?

A newly renovated kitchen with superb layout and ample storage adds a lot of value. Another way to add value is with clean, updated bathrooms. Your local Remodeling Consultant will be able to advise you on more specific value-adding elements for your Lake Oswego home.

How much should I spend on a remodel?

That cost depends largely on your budget. Also, you’ll want to assess the price at which homes are selling in your neighborhood. Our local Lake Oswego Remodeling Consultants have a deep understanding of the market in the area and can advise you on the optimal sum for the changes you’re after.

Why is remodeling stressful?

Remodeling can be stressful due a number of factors, including budgeting, design planning, finding reliable tradespeople, and managing the project. Lucky for you, our seasoned Remodeling Consultants are available to take the reins on your Lake Oswego remodel and guide you through a less-stressful remodeling experience.

What work qualifies for a remodel tax deduction?

Oftentimes, you can claim back money spent on a home remodel. This depends on the specific laws in your state. Consult a local remodeling specialist to advise you on the specific features that would qualify you for tax deductions.

Is it safe to stay in a house when remodeling?

This depends on the type of remodel and the extent of the work being done. If there are hazardous materials present like asbestos, you definitely would want to stay elsewhere while the project takes place. At Refresh, we champion the least-intrusive remodeling plans so that you can stay comfortably at your home as long as possible.

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