Do Bathroom Remodels Increase Home Value?

Resale value is a huge consideration when it comes to planning a home remodeling project. But what does it take to get a great return on your investment? Check this out before starting to remodel your bathroom in The Woodlands.

Bathroom improvements

If done well, any renovation can increase your home’s value. However, there are two main benefits of bathroom remodeling that truly matter: whether you can recover your investment; and if you love your new space. Because at the end of the day, it’s your home and even if you plan to sell it in the future, you’ll still want to enjoy it in the present.

Let’s say you invest $40,000 into the luxury bathroom of your dreams, but your home’s value only increases by $15,000. On paper, that may not seem a great investment, but the daily enjoyment you’re going to get from bringing your vision to life is immeasurable.  

Return on investment for a bathroom remodel

Getting a good return on your investment is never a guarantee. There are too many variables – the housing market, which contractors you work with, and your initial investment to name a few. However, we can offer you a few benchmarks courtesy of Cost vs. Value 2023.

  • Building an addition to house your new bathroom or primary suite can recoup anywhere between 26-30%, the lowest of any bathroom remodel, thanks to the extended scope an addition requires.
  • Upscale remodels and accessibility/universal remodels are likely to recoup 36-46% of costs. Getting a better return on your investment is harder with high-end renovations, as they cost more initially.
  • A mid-range bathroom remodel is where you’re going to see the best return, at nearly 67%. This is due to a more balanced ratio of investment to potential resale value.
bathroom design drawing

Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in The Woodlands

Speaking of investing in your bathroom remodel, how much does it really cost to renovate a bathroom in The Woodlands? While costs are constantly fluctuating and completely dependent on your project’s unique scope, you can expect to spend anywhere between $16,000-$30,000* for a new bathroom.

We always recommend getting quotes from at least three different contractors. But remember the old saying, good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good. At Refresh, our 5-step process includes an in-depth costing phase that outlines an inclusive fixed-price according to your project’s scope, so you know exactly what your budget will cover.

bathroom remodel with tile splash back in the Woodlands

Smart ways to increase your Woodlands property value with a bathroom remodel

Energy efficiency

Over time, a drafty old bathroom window or leaky shower will cost a pretty penny. Implementing energy efficient upgrades will benefit potential buyers in the future - and you in the meantime!

Ditch dated fixtures

Unless they’re in the market for a fixer-upper (which won’t fetch you top dollar anyway) buyers don’t want to walk into their new home and see all the things they need to replace. Be proactive and do it for them. New bathroom faucets, shower heads, and toilets, for instance, are relatively inexpensive fixes that will make a big impact.

Prioritize storage

No one likes a chaotic bathroom vanity. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but make sure your bathroom remodel includes plenty of storage.

Remodeling your bathroom with Refresh

All of our projects are led by a Remodeling Consultant who will act as your single point of contact. Think of them as a funnel through which all communication and coordination flow.

From scheduling contractors to ordering materials for your bathroom renovation, they’ll take care of everything on your behalf. Many homeowners have a lot of ideas and some appreciate more guidance: you can be involved as little or as much as you’d like! You’re always in control.

Learn more about working with Refresh here.

bathroom remodeling contractors in the Woodlands

Want the best chance to increase your property value in The Woodlands?

Get in touch with the professional team at Refresh to arrange a free consultation. We’ll discuss your ideas, budget, and goals and help come up with an effective plan to remodel your bathroom.

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