Modern Bathroom Renovations

Having delivered countless renovations for homeowners across the country, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a project successful.

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Having delivered countless renovations for homeowners across the country, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a project successful. We want to share some tips with you about modern bathroom remodels and renovations to help you feel prepared when you’re ready to get started.

Read on as we discuss costs, design principles, and important things to consider for your renovation. And if you want to learn about remodeling your bathroom with Refresh, head over to our bathroom services page for more information.

Important things to consider when planning a modern bathroom renovation 

Budget-led vs. Design-led

If your bathroom renovation project is budget-led, how do you plan on financing your renovation? Homeowners typically pay cash, build the cost into a mortgage application, or take out a home renovation loan. However, it’s beneficial to decide how much you’re comfortable spending before diving into financing options. Defining a budget also helps manage expectations and determine what’s feasible. 

Alternatively, achieving a certain aesthetic is a higher priority than the overall cost when it comes to design-leg projects—design first, budget second. Between the two (budget vs. design) the only right decision is the one that works best for you and your lifestyle.  

Layout and size 

Like-for-like bathroom renovations are typically more cost-effective and easier to execute as the design is essentially swapping each element out for a newer, more modern model that contributes to an overall new look. Layout and size considerations become more important when you want to alter your bathroom’s footprint. For example, if your existing layout includes a capsule shower but you want a bathroom remodel with a soaker tub, you and your designer will need to carefully plan to ensure there’s enough space to accommodate an alternative layout. 

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Cost of a modern bathroom renovation in 2023

Scope and costs go hand in hand. Without one, we can’t define the other. But in general, you can expect to spend anywhere from $25,000* for a basic bathroom remodel to over $85,000* on a significant transformation. Check out this cost estimate article to learn more about bathroom renovation costs and what can be achieved at basic, mid, and high-range price points

If you want to know how much your specific renovation may cost, get in touch with a local Remodeling Consultant to discuss your project scope and budget during a free consultation.

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Principles of modern bathroom design


Less is more. Bathrooms get cluttered easily so give yourself a head start by starting off with an essentials-only design; a shower or bath, toilet, and vanity with storage. But don’t misconstrue essential for boring. Take your time choosing elements that are true to your style and make an impact. When it comes to the design details, adding mixed textures to a neutral color palette creates visual interest without becoming overwhelming.


Vintage bathrooms were all about ornate details and embellishments, which were as beautiful as they were impractical. But modern bathrooms? They aim to balance form and function. Smart storage and ample lighting are two things your modern bathroom can’t function properly without. However, functionality should be defined on a case-by-case basis. For example, a walk-in shower is perfect for future-proofing but a family with young children may consider a bathtub more functional. 

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Planning a modern bathroom renovation with Refresh

Without the right approach, remodeling projects are hectic. At Refresh, we want to make the process as stress-free as possible so you can enjoy your experience and your new bathroom. From your very first consultation through to final project hand-off, you’ll partner with a Remodeling Consultant who will guide you through the ins-and-outs of your bathroom transformation. 

They don’t simply act as project managers–although that’s certainly within the job description. Our Remodeling Consultants ultimate goal is to ensure everything runs smoothly, so whether that means working through multiple design iterations with you, coordinating the best specialists in your area, sourcing unique materials, or all of the above, Refresh goes above and beyond to deliver results. 

Transparency is paramount when it comes to both pricing and communication. It’s a pillar of the Refresh process and why you’ll love working with us. Your Remodeling Consultant will be your single point of contact throughout the project and you can check the progress at any time through our intuitive customer portal. This way, you can access information at any time without feeling overwhelmed.

Want to discuss modern bathroom renovation ideas with an expert?

Let’s do it! Our team offers free consultations to get started. Simply get in touch with a local Remodeling Consultant to arrange your first meeting.

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