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It's frustrating when your clothes fall off shelves and nowhere to store your food in your pantry, or items in your kitchen. Keep everything in its place with our effective storage solutions.

Effective kitchen corner storage solution by Blum
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Intelligent storage solutions make use of space in any room of the home – bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge, office, garage or even under the stairwell. We take a look at some clever renovation ideas that will provide homes of all sizes with more space. Used correctly, these methods will ensure you never need to turn to self-storage as a decluttering solution.
Home office underneath stairwell

Stair Storage

Stairways provide a great opportunity for creative storage. The space underneath can be used as a reading nook, library, cupboard or desk space. The stairs themselves can be converted into slide-out drawers or storage units.  
If you don’t have stairs to work with, a built-in bench with cubed storage shelves underneath can be a useful space to store and put on shoes. Add hooks onto your entryway walls to keep bags and keys tidy and easy to find. 

Kitchen & Living Room Storage

Make the most out of the kitchen space you have available through kitchen island drawers, floor-to-ceiling cupboards or built-in storage. Especially in small kitchens, dish rack stands create clutter and a lack of space. One way to resolve this is to install a slide-out dish drying cabinet. Butler’s pantries are another great storage solution to make use of as you move between the kitchen and living spaces.
Concealed floor-to-ceiling cabinets are ideal if you would like ample storage space for your TV, DVDs and non-display items. Use display shelves for sentimental items such as treasured photographs, ornaments and books. For a touch of sophistication, consider a built-in wine rack.  
Multi-tiered kitchen utensil organiser

Bathroom & Laundry Storage

Organisation plays a key role in bathroom storage. Adding storage containers to draws keeps products laid out separately and easy to see. Built-in shelves, within the shower cubicle or next to the toilet, is a great small space storage solution. A decent sized mirror cabinet is another worthwhile investment. 
If your bathroom and laundry are in the same room, sliding doors are an effective way to create some separation. Another option is to create a laundry closet. If you have the space, installing a linen cupboard next to the laundry is ideal, along with a built-in ironing board.   

Bedroom & Wardrobe Storage

If you don’t have the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, a ceiling-mounted clothes rail provides easy access to clothes and leaves space for further storage underneath. Drawer organisers save a lot of time and can be used for underwear, pants and casual tops. 
Bed bases that include drawers are a useful addition to small bedrooms. If you have a bit more space to work with, place an ottoman or storage chest at the end of the bed, which can double as a seat. If you’re really challenged for space, a fold-up bed could work wonders.
Loft beds work well in children’s rooms and allow plenty of room underneath for a desk, reading nook or play area. Loft beds can be designed from scratch to include a range of features, including children’s wardrobes and drawers.
Bunk bed with desk and sitting area underneath

Office & Workspace Storage

Cube shelving is a great office storage solution, as everything you need is on display and easy to access. Having a display space on the wall behind your desk is helpful. This might be in the form of a built-in display wall or be as simple as a hanging pinboard. A display space like this is a useful place to keep a calendar, reminders and any daily inspiration.
If you only have a small amount of space to work with, a fold-up desk could be an efficient choice. If you are attempting to create an office space within a larger living area, consider renovating the space so that you can have your own private nook to work in.   

Garage Storage

Never underestimate the difference that shelf storage, slat walls and storage trunks can make to your garage. Smaller items can be stored in boxes or containers along with wall shelving, while tools of all sorts can be hung on slat walls. If you have kids in the house, keep any dangerous tools stored in a secure storage box or on high shelving.
An innovative way to get twice as much use out of your garage storage is to use, or create, attic or loft space. For easy access, consider having attic stairs installed. 


Check out this garage renovation for some more garage storage solution inspiration.    


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