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Top tips and ideas to Va-Va-Voom Your Bathroom

A bedroom that has an en-suite bathroom and view to the landing

En-suite bathrooms and WCs are an everyday luxury for many, but they often go unloved as the years pass in homes because they’re frequently fairly small and forgotten about in the quest for ongoing home improvements. Awkwardly shaped rooms and limited space means that most people don’t get very creative when it comes to en-suite designs – but there’s lots that can be done. Read on for the Refresh Renovations tips and tricks on how to best utilise space and to adapt unlikely corners of your home to practically used living areas.

Streamline Sanitaryware for Maximum Space Usage

Toilet and sink combination units help streamline sanitaryware in a way that maximises space efficiency and keeps the aesthetic clean, sleek and contemporary. The simple silhouettes and minimalist look that combination units make en-suites look bigger and more modern.

Facilitating the Use of Awkward Spaces

Installing an en-suite to a non-traditional space can be tricky and present some difficult angles and unusual shapes; particularly in nooks, loft conversions and in listed or historical properties. In these cases, transforming the en-suite into a wet room can tackle the issue and can be done in a variety of flexible ways to fit just about any area at all!

Create the Illusion of Space with Open Plan Design

An open plan scheme from bedroom to en-suite can create the illusion of considerably more space with a light and lofty feel. This doesn’t mean what many may think upon first consideration – you don’t need to have your toilet and bath in full view of your bed! Instead consider installing a recessed wall unit or building a glazed glass brick wall between the areas.

Use Built-In Storage Units 

Buying standard storage units for an en-suite means your room has to fit around them rather than the other way around. Built-in or bespoke storage units can fit literally any space and prevent the room from feeling boxy. Under the sink storage is hugely efficient and other customisable options can be purchased and personalised as required.
Hexagonal bathroom tiles and a sink

Complement the Space with Tiling

When considering tiling, there’s no need to necessarily just opt for the plainest or cheapest. Instead scape your tiles to the shape of your en-suite and complement it. Scalloped tiles, patterned layouts or printed designs make for a creative and artistic feature that differentiates your en-suite from any other.

Similarly, Get Visual with Bright Wallpaper

Areas that aren’t tiled needn’t miss out on the fun. Particularly helpful for awkwardly shaped rooms as it distracts from nooks and crannies, a bold patterned or bright coloured wallpaper can transform the feeling of any space.

Embrace a Freestanding Bath

Statement bathtubs that free-stand are often only thought of as something for a large family bathroom but there are lots of models made for smaller spaces. You’ve already indulged in the luxury of an en-suite, why not go the whole hog? Vintage options are usually smaller than you may expect and many retailers now sell gorgeous little baths that fit just about anywhere.
A freestanding bath under a low roof

En-suite your Alcove

Loft bedrooms can present some challenges when it comes to installing en-suites, but it can be done. Utilising an alcove or eaves that would otherwise go unused gives the opportunity for more space to be used tangibly. Planning around the proportions of the space available allows for a variety of conversion options. Consider putting your bath where the ceiling is lowest or shower where tallest, and play around with different layout designs.

Go Green and Bring The Outside In

Dark rich forest greens are currently very trendy in interior design circles but why stop there? Mix and match greens on different walls and bring houseplants who enjoy dense humid conditions into your bathroom to enhance air quality and aesthetics alike.

Get Creative with Flooring

If patterned tiles on the walls aren’t for you then instead why not get arty with your floor? Tiles, lino or real wood can all be laid in a variety of different designs and patterns. If the en-suite is fairly small, big tiles with larger patterns create the visualisation of more space, but if the room is of a decent proportion, smaller more intricate patterns may fit.

Contrast Patterns

An easy hack for small en-suites is to contrast walls between painted or papered areas and tiling. Bold colour combinations and clashing or complimenting patterns can create the impression of more height, especially when combined with plainer tiles toward the lower of the room. Many are too afraid to use busy or cluttered patterns in small spaces but when balanced out, it can work perfectly.

Be Brave with Colour

For too long people have opted for all white colour schemes or green/blue aqua shades for bathrooms. Bringing bolder and brighter colours into an en-suite for décor and accessories as well as sanitaryware gives a great opportunity to get experimental and try out something new without having to splash the same cash you would for a larger room.
A large en-suite bathroom with freestanding bath and walk in shower

Consider Planning Permission Requirements

If you’re adding an en-suite to a part of your house that already exists or splitting a room to create one, then you won’t usually need specific planning permission. But don’t just assume that you don’t! If your property is listed, of notable historical value, has limited residential permissions or you’re building an extension to provide room for your en-suite, it will be required. All en-suite conversions, whether as an extension or not, will need to comply with standard building regulations.

Consider Costs

An en-suite is usually a fairly small room but the costs of them can vary hugely dependent on size, the quality of sanitaryware, the décor and plumbing. Planning your budget in advance will impact positively on your project and will help you explore the possibilities you face in creating your new en-suite space. 

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