FAQs for a kitchen renovation in Australia

Here are some important FAQs on kitchen renovations every renovator should know before beginning their kitchen remodelling project.

Modern renovated kitchen
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How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen?

Renovating a kitchen costs from $10,000 for a basic renovation where you retain the existing layout, use cost-effective options for updating cabinetry (such as painting, resurfacing or replacing existing doors) or replace it with a flat pack product. Choosing laminate benchtops, basic appliances and linoleum or vinyl floors can also help keep costs down.
A mid-range kitchen is likely to cost from $35,000 onwards. This allows for adapting your kitchen floor plan (which may mean repositioning plumbing and/or wiring) and installing custom-made cabinets that make the most of available space. Premium benchtops, such as engineered stone or quartz composite, will enhance the look and durability of your kitchen, but costs more.
A bespoke, top-of-the-range kitchen typically costs at least $50,000+ and includes luxury benchtops, built in high-end European appliances and custom-made cabinetry. Sophisticated lighting, top-of-the-range technology and special features like butler’s pantries will add cost.
Diana May of Refresh Renovations says other factors may impact the budget too: “There can be extra costs for demolition, decommissioning utilities and recommissioning them again once the install is done.”
Concept plan of a kitchen with standard appliance and unit measurements

What is the best kitchen layout?

The ‘best’ kitchen layout is the one that works best for your household. So think about all the activities that take place here and plan accordingly. This includes ensuring you have sufficient power points situated right where you need them.
The kitchen ‘work triangle’ links the fridge, sink and stove and includes the main areas where food is stored, prepared and cooked. Ensuring your work triangle is neither too large nor too small means everything will be within easy reach, but you’ll have enough space to work in, even when there are other people in the kitchen. This is vital for a successful kitchen layout so think about your needs and discuss them with your kitchen designer who will help you make the most of your space.
“Often the kitchen layout will be dictated by the space available, whether its L-shaped, G-shaped, U-shaped or galley, but we find that everyone enjoys having an eating/sitting area, such as an island or extended benchtop, in the kitchen so the family can interact while someone’s working there,” says Diana.

How long does a kitchen renovation take?

Once working drawings are agreed, it usually takes around six weeks for the cabinets to be built and benchtops cut for installation. At Refresh Renovations we generally allow two-four weeks for the build, including the demolition of the old kitchen and installation of the new, but if you need it faster, let us know at the briefing stage and we will look for time saving solutions.

Do I need a DA/Council approval for a new kitchen?

This isn’t usually necessary unless major building work or demolition is required. However, we recommend checking with your local renovation specialist to be sure.
Renovated, modern kitchen with island centered to take in the outside view.

How do I choose the kitchen style that’s right for my home?

Your new kitchen should complement the style of the rest of the home. Since it should last for years, it’s wise to choose a classic, contemporary style and neutral colours that won’t date quickly.
Including good general, task and feature lighting is important whichever style you choose. Similarly, we recommend investing in an effective ventilation system, particularly if your home is open-plan.
There are so many fixtures, fittings, finishes and appliances on the market. How do I choose between them?

Budget often dictates choice when it comes to renovating. If you want to keep costs down, modern laminate benchtops are robust and available in many colours. More expensive options include 2-pac, veneer, solid timber, concrete or stone. Choose reputable appliance brands. Save money by opting for a more basic model rather than the top of the range, unless you’re sure you need the extra features.

How can I make my kitchen more sustainable?

Choose energy and water efficient appliances from brands that are designed to last. Ensure your bins make recycling easy. Diana also suggests considering certified sustainable bamboo flooring, offsetting the household’s carbon emissions, by switching to an accredited GreenPower supplier and rethinking your cooktop.
“Invest in an induction cooktop if you can; they’re more energy efficient and cook a lot faster than conventional options,” she says.

We plan to tile the floors of our open-plan kitchen, dining and living. Will it be very noisy?

Windows, doors, floors, walls and ceilings all provide a pathway for sound. Concrete or cork floors are best at absorbing sound. To reduce noise, use rugs to absorb sound where possible or think about installing a floating floor instead. The gap between the floor and subfloor will absorb sound.

Does flooring go down before or after kitchen cabinets?

It’s generally best to install flooring once your cabinets and appliances are in place. This minimises the risk of damage, may reduce the amount you need to buy and it means it will be easier to replace or repair the floor in the future.
Completed kitchen renovation with classic finishes with a contemporary twist.

How do I prepare for my kitchen renovation?

Have a thorough clear out to make sure you don’t transfer junk or clutter to your new kitchen.
You also need to plan to be without a kitchen for a few weeks. Think about moving your fridge, setting up a table where you can use basic appliances and ensuring your barbeque is ready for action.

Do I need to organise separate trades, e.g. plumbers, electricians, etc. when I renovate my kitchen?

Many kitchen companies manage cabinetry and benchtops, so owners need to organise their own plumbers, electricians, and gasfitters and arrange installation of flooring.
Refresh Renovations is different; we manage the whole process, including all the trades, from start to finish and ensure the job is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Who is responsible for removing/disposing of the old kitchen when the new one is installed?

At Refresh we take care of that for you.

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