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Refresh’s expert team of design consultants can help you plan your perfect renovation project.

Before you can jump into the building phase of your home renovation, it is essential to design and plan out the project. Refresh’s design consultants work with homeowners to create digital 3D renderings of your renovation idea before moving on to creating detailed architectural concepts.
During the design phase, you can make as many changes as possible. Only once you’re completely satisfied with the concept, should you move forward with the build phase. These concepts are also used to determine the feasibility of your project, help with providing an accurate cost estimate to formulate a budget, and can be built upon to create working drawings.
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Renovation Concepts and Designs
By creating a detailed conceptual design of your ideal renovation, you can figure out which aspects of your current home you want to retain while creating exciting new features for your dream space. You can test out each idea until you are ready to proceed. Our Refresh design specialists are trained to listen to your wants and needs, while advising you on the best decisions based on their extensive experience.
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Kitchen Renovation and Remodelling Designs

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? It’s best to consider all your options in the design phase. Do you want a small kitchen with a pantry or a large modern kitchen with an island? For ideas on layout to interior decoration, our Refresh design specialists will show you detailed 3D images that are sure to inspire!
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Living Room Renovation and Remodelling Designs

Whether you’re planning to add a second living room and want to design one from scratch, are looking to update your current one, or are considering an open-plan layout, the Refresh renovations team can help you create the ideal space to match all your needs: from relaxation to entertaining guests!
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Bathroom Renovation and Remodelling Designs

If you’re not sure about the type of bathroom most suited to your home, why not trial different options during the design phase? From a medium modern bathroom design to a large rustic style, Refresh can help you find the best option to match your individual wants and needs. The design phase is the ideal time to get inspired for reno ideas you may not have considered!
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Ensuite Renovation and Remodelling Designs

Whether you want to add a brand new spacious ensuite or a tiny shower room, it’s wise to see how your ideas look in the concept phase before committing to anything. You can play around with everything from the colours to the number to amenities, and create the ideal ensuite for you.
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Architectural Renovation and Remodelling Designs

Considering making a big architectural change to your current home? From editing the framework to updating the aesthetic, a Refresh architectural designer can create detailed concept works for your project, ensuring you have detailed plans before moving to build.
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Bedroom Renovation and Remodelling Designs

Is your bedroom too small? Want to add a walk-in closet? Maybe an ensuite? Whatever the case, the Refresh design team can help transform your bedroom into a personal haven.
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Open Plan Renovation and Remodelling Designs

One of the most popular renovation trends is to create a free flowing space that adds more light to your home and makes it feel roomier. Whether you’re looking to extend the borders of your living area or want to combine your kitchen and dining areas, our design specialists can render 3D images of your unique space and help you pick the best option.
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Indoor-Outdoor Flow Renovation and Remodelling Designs

From adding a new deck with French windows to creating a more usable patio area, by blurring the lines between the inside and outside of your home, you can achieve a freer flow in your home that will change it’s entire feel! Get in touch with a Refresh design specialist today to get started on designing your ideal home.
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Exterior Renovation and Remodelling Designs

Want to know what your home would look like with a different type of roofing material or a colourful new coat of paint? By creating a realistic rendering of your updated property, you can eliminate any chance of regret. Refresh Renovations has extensive experience in creating detailed designs of property exteriors when it comes to remodels.
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Garage Conversion Renovation and Remodelling Designs

One of the most underused spaces of a home is the garage and there are countless options of transforming it into your ideal space. From a home office to a home gym to a granny flat, Refresh can help you design the ideal room to match your wants and needs.
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Home Additions and Extensions Renovation and Remodelling Designs

For homeowners who want to figure out the most ideal way to create additional space, our design team can create concept images of how your home will look with an extra garage, bedroom, or even an extra floor. By reviewing both aesthetics and functionality in the design phase, you can avoid any potential regrets.
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Luxury Renovation and Remodelling Designs

When it comes to premium remodels, it’s essential to ensure the design is up to mark in order to achieve a distinguished result. Our elite team of interior and exterior designers draw on the best practices and methods that guarantee to make the build phase of your project smoother. From a luxury outdoor kitchen to a chic wine cellar where you can entertain guests, Refresh can help.
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Sunroom Renovation and Remodelling Designs

When it comes to sunrooms, designing is half the fun! From the architectural structure to interior decoration, you can make your conservatory match your unique personality and make sure it fills your specific needs. Our Refresh Renovations design specialists can help you design your patio, enclosure, pergola, screened porch, or three-season room, until you are satisfied with every small detail.
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