How much does it cost to add a laundry in the United States?

Often overlooked, tucked into a corner or squeezed into the garage, the trusty old washing machine sometimes doesn't get the attention it deserves. A well thought through laundry room can make all the difference.

a basic laundry room with washer and drier
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As one of the most used appliances in the home, the washing machine is a trusty workhorse that we sometimes take for granted. It’s typically used several times a week, for some families several times a day, and comes with assorted paraphernalia and obviously, there is also dirty laundry to store and clean, wet laundry to dry.
With a dedicated laundry room, all this gear has a ‘home’ and remains tidy and organized, and best of all, out of sight. Whether you are thinking of adding a whole new room to the home or changing the layout of your house to accommodate a laundry room, you will most likely need to get architectural drawings done up, and possibly apply for planning permission depending on your circumstances.
The renovation experts at Refresh Renovations can help you navigate the process from start to end. Tom Bentley from Refresh explains: “We help our clients plan their project from start to finish. We manage all the required contractors and see the project through to completion."
When it comes to the fit-out of your laundry room, there is a host of clever storage devices available to make the most of every corner of the room, as well as a range of furnishes and fixtures to suit every budget.

How can I build a laundry room on a low budget?

A basic budget will allow you to remodel the interior of your house to create space for a small laundry room with about $5,000*. Ideally, this area could be situated next to a bathroom or the kitchen, so that plumbing points are close by. Another fast and easy way of including a laundry room is to create space in the garage if the garage is large enough. Walls can quickly be added to build a separate room that houses a washing machine and dryer and keeps all your laundry related items out of the way.
If your house or flat is small and space is very limited you could consider converting a wardrobe or closet to suit the purpose, or even dividing off some space from a large bathroom for example. A smaller space would work well with a combination washing machine and dryer in one. Washer/dryer combos are generally front loading, so you can utilize the space above. Also, the combination machines have ventless dryers, so they can be installed anywhere.
To save money and avoid spending a large amount all at once, reuse good appliances while ensuring that you create enough space for future appliances.

Budget drivers during a basic laundry renovation

Considerations in this price bracket may include off-the-shelf cabinetry, cost-effective materials such as luxury vinyl tiles, and avoiding extensive labor or extra permit applications by taking advantage of existing utility placement.

What type of laundry room can I add on a mid-level budget?

A mid-level laundry renovation may cost anywhere from $5,000*-$50,000*. On a mid-level budget, you could consider converting part of the garage or adding a laundry room as part of a kitchen or bathroom makeover. Work would include moving internal walls and at the higher end of the price range could include a small extension that would increase the footprint of your home.
When planning on building or renovating a laundry room, considerations include easy access to the garden, for example, to be able to hang up laundry on a nearby outdoor laundry rack, enough space to fit a washing machine and dryer side by side or stacked, storage solutions and drying facilities. A tumble drier is a must-have for many families, and allows you to dry towels, sheets, and most clothing easily and quickly, without having to wait for a sunny dry day. However, some clothing can’t go through the drier so it’s worth allocating space for this. An in-built drying rack or heated towel rail might do the trick.
Choosing some high value for money materials will help you keep your budget in check. For flooring, tiles are often preferred but luxury vinyl flooring can be a cost-effective alternative. Clever storage solutions with suitable cabinetry, and where possible a good-sized laundry tub, are handy to have. Finally, it’s worth investing in quality appliances that will stand the test of time. For dryers, you have the choice between basic vented dryers or condensing and heat-pump dryers, which are generally more expensive to buy. Condensing dryers blow out hot air while heat-pump dryers work in a closed-loop and do not release moisture into the air.

Budget drivers during a mid-range laundry renovation

Considerations in this price bracket may include upgrading your appliances, slight layout modifications, and cosmetic updates. 

What should I plan on spending for a high-end laundry room?

If you are looking to add a completely new room onto your house, your laundry will fall into a high-end laundry renovation. This could be either a small individual project just to add a laundry room, for example, adding a small room onto a kitchen extension or out into a side return, or it could be part of a larger renovation project. You can expect to spend $50,000*+ for a high-end finish.
A large-scale house renovation is the ideal time to think about your preferred house layout and includes plans for a new and improved laundry room that meets all your needs and helps make life easier. The position and size of the laundry room can help make life easier by offering easy and fast access and enough space to store and organize dirty laundry, washing detergents and related equipment such as an ironing station.
High-end finishes such as ceramic or porcelain tiles are ideal for flooring, and you could consider investing in luxury, wooden cabinetry to house all your laundry related accessories. Quality appliances are key of course – shop around for the best appliances with excellent energy ratings and special features and functions. Some washing machines come with an automatic laundry detergent dispensing system, and the latest high-end tumble driers feature steam functions to help you iron out every little wrinkle in your clothes.

Budget drivers during a high-end laundry renovations

Considerations in this price bracket may include building an extension for additional square footage, high-end smart appliances, bespoke light solutions such as a dimmer or timer, custom built-in vanities or storage, and specialty jobs such as intricate tiling or unique requests.  

Looking for inspiration? Check out this Pensacola homeowner's laundry and bedroom conversion.

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