How much does it cost to add mid-range storage solutions?

The old adage about have a place for everything and everything being in its place is all well and good if you do indeed have a place for everything. But many homes, in particular, older homes are notorious for not having much in the way of storage. So to help you make the most of your limited space we've put together ideas on mid-range home storage solutions.

Storage underneath sofa-bed
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How much do storage solutions cost with a mid range budget?

If you’re not extending the footprint of your home, look at its existing dimensions and see where storage space can be eked out. “If your home has good-sized roof cavities, these can often be enhanced as storage areas with linings and flooring board and attic ladders for access,” says Wayne Gordon from Refresh Renovations.
Have two storeys at your place? Is there space under the stairs that’s not being used efficiently? Every nook and cranny can be used for storage if you know how. Ask one of your renovation builder’s to come by for an appraisal and a quote. They might even be able to make drawers in the bottom few steps of the stairs.
Consider too, space under the upstairs eaves. It may not be accessible at the moment, but talk to your renovation builder about opening up access to an otherwise dead space.
Storage cupboards underneath staircase

How much does it cost to add extra bedroom storage on a mid range budget?

Wayne Gordon says when considering bedroom storage, consider fitting customised joinery units into an existing space, rather than asking to construct built-in wardrobes or cupboards. “Joinery units are generally more expensive, but they can save a lot of space because they’re constructed from Melamine or Melteca-type panels which are very strong, but don’t take up the amount of space that traditional timber-framed building work does.”
It is recommended to have doors which span the entire wardrobe width and reach from floor-to-ceiling to maximise storage capacity, by making it as accessible as possible. Opt for bi-fold doors, which offer more access to a wardrobe cavity than hinged doors.
Talk to your renovation builder about including sliding shoe shelves into your wardrobe, as well as lined jewellery trays.
For voids above conventional wardrobe hanging space, go for pull-down wardrobe rails with a lever to pull your clothes down to you. It allows you to make use of that space that would otherwise be inaccessible.
Bunk bed with desk and sitting area underneath
If space is really at a premium, choose furniture that multi-tasks to save space. The hidden bed converts to a desk for daytime use. Perfect for small spaces and studies; all you need to do is flick a switch and the desk pulls down to reveal a bed. You could also choose to have a bed on a top bunk with a desk at the bottom to use a small amount of space for multiple uses.
There are also wall bed options where they can be put away to look like conventional cabinetry during the day, but pull down to reveal double or queen-sized beds. Discuss the best option for you with a renovation builder.

Can I transform unusable spaces into storage rooms?

Wayne Gordon says a sometimes unexpected bonus of upgrading your hot water system is that it often completely frees up space in your existing hot water cupboard. There’s no need for a bulky hot water cylinder if you install a continuous gas hot water heating system mounted in a ceiling space or on the outside of the house. “As hot water cupboards are often close to main plumbing areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom or laundry and often back onto an existing linen cupboard, the newly available space from removing a cylinder can either create an entirely new linen cupboard, or significantly enhance an existing one.”
Home office underneath stairwell

How much does it cost to add extra kitchen storage?

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the hub of the home, so it goes without saying that a new kitchen with clever storage ideas will make a big impact. The next step is to talk to a renovation specialist who can advise you on your options. Wayne Gordon says there are many clever space-saving storage devices that kitchen designers can offer for kitchen spaces. “Slide-out racks can really maximise the use of narrow cupboards and really good kitchen design and innovative kitchen storage can often increase existing storage by 25 to 50 per cent in my experience. People are often very pleasantly surprised with the increase of storage that new kitchen cabinetry can offer.”  

How do I improve storage in my home with a mid range budget?

Sofas with hidden storage, such as the Delta storage sofa from King Living, can really make a difference if your cupboard space is limited. Delta concerts into a bed, so it’s under-seat storage is an ideal hiding place for bedding. Or you can even use the space for bulky items like ironing boards and vacuum cleaners.

Depending on your budget, maybe you're interested in basic storage solutions or high-end storage solutions.

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