How much does it cost to re-roof your home on a mid-range budget?

If you've got around $5,000-$10,000 to spend on your new roof, these are some of the alternatives that will lift the value of your property.

Tiler covering roof with new tile
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A brand spanking new roof will not only look fantastic, it will automatically lift the value of your property. It’s also a basic unit of protection for your home, which is often your most valuable asset. If you’ve got around $8,000-$12,000 to spend on your new roof Jim Gleeson of Refresh Renovations recommends going for a heavier iron. In addition, it’s the ideal time to check the framing structure and upgrade insulation if you need to. 

What material options do you have?

“Heavier irons cost a little bit more, but they’re very solid and last longer,” says Jim. “We use them a lot in areas by the sea. Clay tiles are another option we recommend if your budget is a little higher. Modern technology is providing added benefits with a lot of roofing materials which can now come lined with insulation or solar protection and a lot of the paints used have solar reflective technology which is helpful for longevity. I would advise a budget of between $65 to $75 per m2.”
John Puckey of Aotearoa Roofing has been in the industry for over 40 years and recommends iron. “I personally prefer iron over tile – 0.55 gauge coloursteel,” he says. “It’s durable and will take more foot traffic. Not that you walk on your roof as a rule but sometimes people need to get up there to do work or the neighbours kids ball needs to be retrieved.”
Clay tiled roof

What are important things to consider when re-roofing?

When it comes to your budget, other things to take into account are the roof framing structure. Do the rafters, beams and purlins need replacing or repair and do they conform to current building regulations? “If the roof is older than 10 years it’s unlikely to meet current building codes,” says Jim. This will need to be included in your costings. The planning stages are the perfect time to look into all of this ensuring you get no surprises when the job is in progress.


It’s also a great time to review the insulation in the ceiling space as it’s a lot easier/quicker to install insulation when the roof is off. Adding high-grade insulation is an investment you’ll never regret as it will help keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

How long will your new roof take?

This is an important consideration because if your roof is coming off you’ll need to house yourself and your family elsewhere for the duration of the project. From start to finish our experts suggest working on a week’s timeline depending on the size of your home. “If you take the average house size of 130-140 square metres it will take about a week, sometimes a lot less and sometimes a bit more,” says John Puckey of Aoteoroa Roofing. “Of course, it’s all weather dependent, but often the guys can knock a new roof out in three to four days.” 
According to the Australian Roofing and Building Source the following is a good rule of thumb to follow: 
The cost of the roofing materials ranges from $140 – $165 per 100 m2 while the cost of labor ranges from $150 to $270 per 100 m2.
The roofing labor depends on the following
- Pitch of the roof
- Height of the home
- Home design
- Layers of tiles
- Size and experience
- Soffit vent and decking

If you have a smaller or larger budget to work with, why not read Re-Roofing Your Home On A Basic Budget, or Re-Roofing Your Home On A High-End Budget.

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All Refresh Renovations franchises are independently owned and operated.

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