How much does it cost to renovate your garage on a mid-range budget?

The days of people just using garages to store their cars are long gone. Garages have never been busier. They're now true multi-taskers. With specialised carpet, paint and insulation they're effectively extra living areas, that can stand up to the rigours of dirty car tyres and oil drips.

Sturdy workbench with cabinets for storage.
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Whether it be a space for an adamant hobbyist or beginning to prep the room to become something more (like an entertainment area for your children), with a mid-range budget - starting at $7,500 - you can begin to tranform your garage into an additional room in your home.

How do I organise my garage storage space?

It can be hard to store awkward items in the garage, which usually end up taking up more space than they need to. For storing your bike securely against your garage wall, consider specialised bike brackets with a moulded rubber bar to keep the front wheel still and prevent the bike from twisting.
The best kind of storage adapts to your needs. Opt for tall cabinets with split centres and height-adjustable or removable shelves. Remove some of the shelves to make way for tall items that are otherwise tricky to find homes for.
A good workbench is essential for any home handyman or hobbyist. Opt for heavy duty steel construction so that it’s up to the task and remains stable.
Garage renovated with tall cabinets, drawers and a workbench.

How much does it cost to add a garage door on a mid-range budget?

Doors2000’s mid-range doors are its Flat Powder coated doors, made from hand-folded, powder-coated steel. The steel is levelled and folded into the panel shape to ensure a true, flat smooth finish.
Insulation for your garage door is of particular benefit if your internal-access through the garage is next to a bedroom or living area. Doors2000 offers an insulation system with its door range, in collaboration with InsulPro. Made from recycled plastic bottles, without harmful formaldehyde glues, it makes garage doors warm to touch, rather than cold steel. The insulation is free to move within the panel cavity, so there isn’t a risk of garage doors delaminating or panels bending.
To keep costs at a minimum, it’s good to plan in advance. If you get your garage door insulated at the same time you get carpet installed – you can cut down on costs.
As for other external access doors into a garage, Wayne Gordon from Refresh Renovations recommends paintable fibreglass doors, also good for woodshed and utility areas. “These are very good in very exposed areas. We use Parkwood Duramax Fibreglass, which is paintable and available in a good range of profiles.”

How much does it cost to insulate the garage?

Wayne Gordon says a lot more people are interested in sealing and insulating their garages. “If a new garage is being built, the cost of adding insulation such as Pink Batts is not significant.” Not so many clients have opted to remove wall linings and insulate existing garages, but they do if they’re adding a partition wall to create a room within a garage. “It’s an especially good idea to be free of damp if you’re storing records and business documents.”
Garage being insulated to create a warmer, quieter space.

What type of flooring options do I have on a mid-range budget?

Practicality rules with garage carpet. There is a choice of colours across different brands, but nowhere near the same variety as household carpet. Barb Morris from Ian Hunt Floorings Carpet Extreme says the garage carpet specified most is Irvine Crazy XL solution-dyed polypropylene in ‘Anthracite’, a dark grey colour. This is the most popular – and practical – colour should your car track in dirt in its tyres or have an oil leak. This carpet comes in a 4m width and retails for $55.95 a metre. As well as being practical, it’s a low-key colour. “The majority of people don’t want to stand out with red carpet,” she says.
Whatever colour people choose; it needs to be carpet made specifically for garages. Conventional carpet or vinyl just won’t cut it. “Any oil spills will show up pretty quickly,” Barb says. The beauty of polypropylene carpet is that it can be vacuumed for regular maintenance or hosed down if there’s a mess.
Garage carpet is glued directly on to concrete. It won’t adhere to painted surfaces, so if your garage floor is painted the paint will need to be sanded off. Any holes will need to be filled or bumps ground down for a flat surface. In general, garage floors in homes built before 1974 won’t be suitable for carpet to be laid immediately, as they generally won’t have adequate damp proofing.
Carpet retailers will always do a site measure before carpet is ordered, so can advise on whether your garage floor requires any remedial prep work and arrange it for you. This is an extra cost, depending on what is necessary.
The Pro Group also uses Crazy XL, which is imported from Belgium and specifically manufactured for garages. “A typical double garage costs anywhere from $1000 - $1400 depending on the size and complexity of the job and how much floor preparation is required. We install a rubber transition strip at the front of the garage as standard so the car tyres don't damage the carpet,” Joe says.
Joe Hesmondhalgh of the Pro Group says a typical installation is completed in around three hours and the joins are virtually invisible. It leaves the garage non-slip, warmer and quieter. The product has a lifetime guarantee against zippering, which is when tufts are pulled from backing, resulting in long, lengthwise pulls out of the carpet.
It’s easy to clean and maintain, so is ideal for a warmer, quieter garage or home gym, man cave, sleep-out and kids play area. “It won’t rot so water from the car, tyres or air-conditioning won’t damage it and any spills just wipe up,” Joes says.

For more garage renovation costs and ideas that suit your budget and needs read our high-end or basic garage renovation project estimates.

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