Introducing Richard and Rachael

Introducing Richard and Rachael: Our newest Renovation Specialists in Gloucestershire

Richard and Rachael

Meet Rachael Angel and Richard Lupo; the dynamic duo managing Refresh Renovations Gloucestershire. Combining a renovation enthusiast with a real stickler for quality assurance and process control, it’s no surprise that these partners successfully head up the county’s leading renovations team.

A People Person

Rachael’s professional background spans a variety of roles, including working in libraries, in education, being a blood donor carer and working in events. She notes her biggest achievement as bringing up a happy, well-adjusted and successful daughter and there’s no doubt that being such a dedicated and hard-working woman has shaped Rachael into the brilliant Refresh Renovations Gloucestershire team leader she is today!
Given Rachael’s extensive people-focused career, it’s no surprise that she says she loves helping people realise their dreams and live their best lives. Her eye for detail and organisational skills make her a great team leader for the Refresh Renovations Gloucestershire office. She’s one to lead by example and has lots of personal experience with extensive renovations in her previous homes. Rachael has overseen the installation of her own bathrooms and kitchens as well as managed major refurbishments to her 17th century cottage with a new roof, new windows, new doors, re-wiring, staircase removal and a new en-suite! This experience means that Rachael knows how stressful, messy and frustrating home renovations and upgrades can be. Therefore, it’s her top priority to ensure that her customer’s projects run on time, to budget and as smoothly as possible.

A Manufacturing Expert 

Richard’s professional history spans 16 years in manufacturing where his roles involved high levels of quality assurance and process control – a skill which transfers beautifully to the management of home renovations for those in Gloucestershire! Since 2004 and alongside his work with Refresh Renovations, he has worked as a Chartered Environmental Consultant for businesses developing homes, offices and commercial properties and helps them shape environmental strategy to future-proof both their business and the environment within which they operate.

He was drawn to Refresh because of the opportunity to improve people’s homes while integrating sustainability initiatives and the great fit for all of his professional skills to combine and be put to work with the challenge. He also holds a passion for wellbeing and feels that renovated and rejuvenated homes can help improve people’s overall life satisfaction.

Gloucestershire’s Leading Home Renovations Service

The vast scenery of Gloucestershire means that the area is home to a variety of residence types. These include the large and charming farmhouses of the Cotswolds, Victorian terraces through urban areas, grand Georgian homes in smaller villages and modern developments throughout the county. Refresh Renovations Gloucestershire has worked with all of them: from renovations on barn conversions and massive mansions to apartment blocks and semi-detached family homes.Gloucestershire is a very desirable place to buy property, and in particular, to raise families in or retire to. This does leave the county on the expensive end of the scale when it comes to house prices as its so popular but a brief glimpse of the region’s natural beauty and charming communities leave homeowners in no doubt that it’s a great place to live. This also means, for many, that it is more cost-effective to renovate a property than it is to relocate… and that’s exactly where Refresh Renovations Gloucestershire come in!

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