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Home Renovation Ideas To Differentiate Your Home.

A traditional farm house style house having the front converted

Even if your home isn’t a cookie-cutter new-build that matches your neighbours, it can be difficult to find interior design and renovation ideas that really transform your home in a way unique to the properties you see all around you. The renovation experts at Refresh have seen it all – so why not take the lead from some of our more unusual refurbishment and reno ideas and try something new?
These home renovation ideas are creative but clear, functional but with great form. Don’t be put off by the idiosyncrasies of your home or project – embrace them and celebrate the difference!
A property with a glazed corridor

Use glazed links

Connecting sections of your home can be done in a myriad of ways, but favouring glass and creating glazed walkways can really build something transformative. This makes for a distinct junction between areas but also brings in pockets of bright light which can be particularly welcome in older, dark properties or those that don’t face naturally sunny areas. What’s more, glazed links can be used across floors and are often favoured by LPAs (Local Planning Authorities) due to their simple design which they consider to be sympathetic compared to newer builds for use with listed or restricted properties – so they’re not too difficult to get relevant permissions for. This much glass also brings in views of outdoor spaces (something homeowners have expressed increased demand for, especially after so many extended lockdown periods) and can now be easily heated and insulated, unlike the conservatory extensions of old! 

Break the mould with a ‘Broken Plan’ layout

Open plan living isn’t for everyone – and it simply doesn’t work in every space. A ‘broken plan’ layout provides a compromise between open plan and traditional rooms; keeping a fairly open layout but zoning out space by using partial walls, internal windows and room divides (which can be temporary or fixed, depending on the homeowner’s preferences). The broken plan strategy works in properties of all sizes and types, and allows for those within to continue to have a living space that feels spacious and welcoming but with the ability to secure more private or intimate areas as required. Broken plan layouts also work well in properties that have structural features that can’t be removed; working with them rather than allowing them to dictate the full feel of the home.
A property with a exterior face lift

Facelift existing openings

Many period properties include openings that are no longer required by their current owners but are for many reasons cannot be just bricked up and hidden. Architects and designers are finding new ways to revamp these openings all the time and so such requests are becoming more frequent. To remain sympathetic to the existing character of the house whilst not dating it or leaving it impractical to modern living, homeowners may wish to consider the installation of shutter-style features, the construction of bespoke sliding doors or the decoration of the space or around it.
A kitchen with exposed timber frame

Expose the original fabric of the property

Old properties are to be embraced and more than ever, homeowners are choosing to show off their original features. Salvaging materials from the original build or exposing the original brickwork, walls, timber frames or floors adds quirk and uniqueness to the home and proves its unique beautiful design. LPAs are often keen for properties in their area to remain as close to their intended design as possible and where materials can be salvaged for reuse or recycle, a sustainability ‘good news’ story is added to the reno. Where materials are no longer fit for structural or practical use, they may be useful for design or aesthetic purposes – so think creatively and use what you can!

Add another storey

Most homes only have a first floor, but the addition of a second increases space and improves living quality. Adding a whole new storey to any property is a big job but the end results can be superb and the value added huge. LPAs are most likely to accept plans that remain in keeping with the exterior design of other properties around them, so consistency is key. Many homeowners find that once they add a third storey to their home their neighbours soon follow suit – sometimes with the whole street joining in! Lots of people consider moving to a bigger home but rarely think of investing into their existing one to make it bigger; and a new floor can certainly help open up new opportunities. 

Bring awkward mouldings to life

Many Edwardian and Victorian properties include highly decorative and ornate mouldings in keeping with the interior trends seen at the time, such as deep skirting boards, ceiling roses and sculpted cornices. Although these features usually wouldn’t be included today as part of more modern interior tastes, they can be brought to life through clever design. Creating colour contrasts between the rest of the room and the mouldings draws the eye to them, or they can be incorporated and hidden in plain sight through smart camouflage with decoration on walls and joinery.
No two homes are completely the same and they shouldn’t be – after all, we’re all different! There is, however, a common misconception that older properties (of which we know there are a plethora of across the UK in almost every residential area) can’t be renovated without being completely gutted and rebuilt in a manner that strips them of their identity and unique characteristics. We disagree!
Refresh Renovations has worked with an inordinate amount of ‘awkward’ properties and quirky homes on refurbishment projects – and we’ve loved every single one. Working with a building’s idiosyncrasies provides a great challenge but also a project always worth getting your teeth stuck into, and with our end-to-end project management approach, you can ensure that every detail is taken care of… no matter how old, how difficult or how complex the job at hand. 

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