High-value strategies to maximize your kitchen remodel

We talked to local Sugar Land Remodeling Consultant, Kevin Revere, to learn which aspects of a kitchen remodel provide the most value.

Kitchen with white and black colour palette

We talked to local Sugar Land Remodeling Consultant, Kevin Revere, to learn which aspects of a kitchen remodel provide the most value. 

Update your kitchen lighting

There are three main types of lighting; ambient, accent, and task. Ambient lighting can be natural or artificial and is the main source of general lighting for a space. Accent lighting is geared more towards design, like a decorative chandelier or trio of pendant lights. Lastly, task lighting is vital for a functional kitchen. Task lighting is strategically placed to ensure your workspaces are well-lit. Areas where ambient light may be obstructed, like stove tops, sinks, and under cabinets, benefit greatly from well-placed task lighting. 

Experimenting with tonal lighting can be transformational, too. Warm white light is associated with softer, more traditional design styles and can make a space feel cozy, whereas cool white light is perfect for more modern kitchens. 

Kitchen with skylight above

Replace faucets and sink fixtures

If you notice your kitchen faucet dripping, leaking, or exhibiting weak water flow, Kevin recommends installing a replacement. But improper function isn’t the only reason to get new fixtures. Outdated, mismatched, or rusting faucets are an eyesore. And considering they’re an essential, high-traffic feature in your kitchen, it pays to invest in something that is both stylish and well-constructed. 

On the topic of details, don’t forget about small design elements like light switches, switch plates, hardware, and drawer pulls. 

Paint the walls

Few things make a bigger impact than a fresh coat of paint. Unsure which color to choose? Here’s the effect different hues have on your space:


Beige, grey, cream, and other neutral tones have long been the go-to for a timeless look. Now, as modern style forges its own way, this color palette still reigns supreme. Neutral colors are the perfect backdrop if you like to switch up your decor constantly, as they won’t clash or compete for the spotlight. 


Energetic and potentially moody, vibrant colors are certainly one way to make a statement. You may want to limit such bright colors to an accent wall, but rich blues and earthy greens are still elegant enough to be used as a main color across your entire kitchen. 


Bringing tranquility and serenity, muted tones, such as sage green, pale pink, and slate grey, create a welcoming atmosphere that’s great for a social area like a kitchen.  

American styled kitchen with shaker cabinets

Make your backsplash a design feature

Kevin has one piece of advice here: get creative! Boring backsplashes of days’ past are out. Take this Copperfield kitchen renovation for example; Kevin’s clients wanted something that was functional and fun. The cerulean blue cabinets are beautiful, but the true star of the show is the mosaic backsplash with its unique shape and shimmering palette of turquoise and blues. 

Depending on your preferred design style, there are plenty of backsplash material options to choose from!

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain
  • Marble
  • Natural stone
  • Glass
  • Metal
Grey slate backsplash

Refinish your cabinets

In terms of impactful changes, refinishing your cabinets is right up there with painting! Cabinetry made from light color wood–poplar, white oak, maple–or lighter colors show dirt and grime faster than darker shades, so refinishing your cabinets with a darker stain or paint color can help your kitchen appear more tidy. 

Sometimes refinishing cabinetry isn’t feasible or worth the investment where damage, poor quality material, or an outdated style are involved. While replacing your cabinets is typically more expensive than refinishing, it’s also a sound investment that will add longevity to your kitchen as well as potential resale value. 

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