Central heating systems that are ideal for retrofitting

Anyone who has spent any time in northern Europe will know that there's nothing quite like central heating to warm the cockles of your heart.

A central system in the house
ARTICLE Donna Blaber 

Anyone who has spent any time in northern Europe will know that there’s nothing quite like central heating to warm the cockles of your heart. The thing is, even though the vast majority of homes would greatly benefit from using central heating during the colder months of the year, most don’t.
According to Plumbcraft retrofitting is relatively straight forward.
“Our systems are ideal for retrofitting in villas and bungalows – or any house that was built with airspace underneath,”  says managing director, Sean Stephens.
In fact, most older homes were built raised off the ground and it tends to be these very houses that benefit from installing central heating. What’s more, there are significant energy savings to be made.
“If a system is well designed, specifically for your own home, it results in better running costs,”  says Plumbcraft’s commercial manager, Funa Latu.  “In some projects it may be that one part of the home is original and one part is a new extension. In these types of homes a consultation will most likely show that a combination of radiator and underfloor heating is the best option.”
In these cases Plumbcraft’s 22 years experience in the industry working on large commercial projects – the likes of Fonterra, the Ministry of Education, and the Defence Force – as well as a wide range of architecturally designed homes, really comes to the fore.
“We started out offering complete design and installation solutions for underfloor heating,”  says Sean,  “so combining the two was a natural progression for the company and there are real instant and long term benefits for the homeowner.”
As every project is considered and treated as an individual case rather than using the standard one size fits all approach, homeowners can work collaboratively with the company not only to get the best advice available, but also great workmanship that is professionally completed from the design stage through to the finished job.
Although the concept of central heating has not caught on as quickly here as it has in northern European countries, it’s beginning to gain traction. Australians are fast coming to realise the full potential of central heating and its wide ranging benefits, from its continuous almost-therapeutic warmth, through to its non allergenic qualities which makes it a great choice for anyone managing health issues such as asthma or respiratory problems.
“Many homes are poorly insulated and really aren’t heated correctly for our changeable climate,”  says Sean.  “Installing central heating has such a huge impact on how comfortable people feel in their homes – it’s really great to be part of that experience.”
A central heating

Central heating
• Delivers a constant, therapeutic warmth.
• Is cheaper to run than any other form of heating (when a quality system is installed by a professional).
• Is non allergenic due to its lack of forced air flow (unlike heat pump systems which spread dust).
• Delivers heat and the desired temperature to wherever you need it – when you need it.
• Allows the options to shut down various areas within your home should you wish to.
• Runs on an automated thermostat system.

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