The Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

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A home that has used sustainable and recycled materials

As we begin to reach what is hopefully a conclusion to the coronavirus pandemic and a return to ‘normal’ life; whatever that is to you; homeowners are free again to focus on their interior spaces and really get things the way the way they’d like them – to future proof their forever homes and embrace the place they live. We’ve come a long way from the flat pack furniture revolution, the introduction of modern kitchen islands and the occasional garage conversion, but what’s next for 2022 in terms of home trends? With supply chains for the most part now back up and running and businesses operating at (almost) full capacity, the opportunity for renovation and redecoration has never been greater… the possibilities are endless.

Going Green

OK, so we’ve said it for the last few years now, but incorporating sustainable materials remains a key trend for homeowners both with interior design and exterior alterations. Now with more people than ever opting for eco-friendly options, the benefits of construction using ‘greener’ materials have been proven – with maintenance costs coming out lower, expenditure reduced on utilities and owners receiving a higher return on their investment overall. Acceleration in demand will see natural construction materials become more mainstream with brick and stone favoured for exterior walls, turf landscaping and repurposed natural finished wood used for a variety of internal uses.
Cleaning floor tiles

Keeping it Hygienic

Never before has the general public been so aware of how little (or often) they wash their hands and sanitise their surroundings, and this is set to translate into home design as homeowners look to prevent the transmission and spread of not just Covid-19 but also other viruses and infections. Certainly the industry is now in place to support them, and with bacteria-resistant tiles and respiratory-health-grade air purifiers available direct to the public on the market, options are plentiful. Those in areas affected by natural disasters can also look to improve their structural integrity to avoid other disasters, including the implementation of back-up generators and new builds subscribing to hurricane-resistant design standards.
A multipurpose living space with bedroom and office space

Promoting multifunctionality in living spaces

Although for many the expectation of having a work desk in the kitchen or living room was a temporary one, continued work-from-home orders and lockdown restrictions have meant that they’ve essentially become a permanent feature. Multifunctional rooms are now commonplace as a result, and furniture manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to provide versatile products to fit. You can office desks that double as workout benches, stools that double as storage baskets and wardrobes that double as full office spaces – and all are in demand to maximise on space.
A dining area in the garden

Taking Dining Al-Fresco

Social distancing encouraged homeowners to socialise outside – and to the surprise of many, they enjoyed it! The demand for outdoor kitchens both large and small has increased vastly since enforced lockdown periods and remains a key ‘want’ for homeowners; a trend easily spotted through the increased marketing presence of brands such as Ooni pizza ovens. Even those without a large garden or patio area are able to incorporate social cooking spaces to some extent outside and this will set society up for plenty of outdoor gatherings in the summer of 2022… whether or not they are legally mandated ones!

Social Kitchen Spaces

Of course, the Great British weather ensures that we can’t dine outside all year round and so with the increased desire to see each other in the flesh after prolonged periods of it being forbidden does mean that homeowners want to see and entertain their loved ones indoors, too. This has driven an increase in demand for kitchen islands and the zoning of spaces within kitchen designs; allowing for the room to become a social hub in the home. If you’ve never been invited to a dinner party before, 2022 may be the year you are – indoors, if not out.

Curves are Back!

We all need a little more softness and gentleness in our lives after the collective effort just to make it through the last two years, and so interior designers are favouring curvier and more affable shapes in furniture than the clean-cut straight lines that have gained favour in contemporary times. Offering both a perceived more ‘feminine’ feel to a room as well as a retro one based around the curves of times gone by, furniture manufacturers are embracing C-shaped sofas, soft-edge tables and the neutral genteel finish of 1970s pieces. 

Working From Home… Forever

Those who are still remote working and have not returned to their traditional working environment are now more likely than ever to remain doing so permanently – with many British workers choosing to do so. Although temporary work stations may not be appropriate for long-term use, homeowners are converting other rooms in their homes into offices or even into workshops, salons or studios for their appropriate line of employment. Combining the functionality, practicality and look that home workers want, now they’ve established working patterns and know what works best for them, is key to creating a space in which they can remain productive but without the stress of the laptop falling off a pile of books or the extension lead blowing again.

Staying Minimalist

Although the maximalist aesthetics work for some homes and their occupants, minimalism remains a key design trend moving in to 2022 – not least because we’ve all spent so much time in our homes, we’ve had sufficient opportunity to have a good clear-out when needed. With some Marie Kondo-inspired de-cluttering and Mrs Hinch-type cleaning, homeowners are able to keep their homes free of unnecessary items and stress; creating a sanctuary for which they can return to and free their mind after a long day. Allowing the basic purpose of a room to shine through keeps focus on day-to-day needs without distractions… something which we can all agree we already have just plenty of!

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