Tiles that feel like fabric

The Tile Depot is excited to introduce one of the newest design developments in the world of tile manufacturing. The fabric effect brings the warmth and comfort of fibres into any area of the home, including hardwearing and wet areas that are often not suitable for actual fabric flooring.

Panoramic image of fabric tiles

Tile manufacturing and printing technologies have advanced so dramatically in recent years that there has been an explosion of designs and surface treatments that were virtually inconceivable just a few years ago. Tactile 3-dimensional finishes and incredible image replication has resulted in new tile collections achieving a level of detail that enable them to appear to be made of materials other than ceramic.
One of the latest design developments seen in all contemporary tile collections is the fabric effect.  This is where textile fabrics and cloth are reimagined as ceramic and porcelain tiles. Inspired by the weaves and colours of natural fibres, the charm of textile fabrics are being combined with the durability and technical benefits of tiles to create something really unique.
A delight to both the eyes and to the touch, the fabric effect brings the warmth and welcoming nature of fibres into all areas of the home or commercial space, including hardwearing and wet areas that are oftentimes incompatible with the real thing.

The Tile Depot has recently landed several fabric effect tile ranges from a number of different manufacturers. These include the dramatic and eye-catching gauze inspired Craft series. Available in a large format 600x600mm floor tile, this range has been designed by a leading Italian architectural designer Massimo Iosa Ghini. It is a range with a strong personality designed to recreate a very hand-crafted feel.
In contrast to the Craft range, is the softer hessian character of the Papyrus floor tile. With its realistic hessian weave and gentle neutral colours; Papyrus is such a fantastic option for creating a calm and tranquil space with references to nature. Available in a 600x600mm format it also has matching chevron mosaics, which successfully combine an ancient and much-loved fibre with a contemporary geometric design.

Another recent arrival is the Brick Text range. This is a smaller 90x300mm tile that can be used on both floors and walls. It is available in three colours, with each colour consisting of 24 different tile faces, each with a different woven textile effect. The faces are randomly supplied and the result is a stunning and truly tactile surface that really demonstrates the extent of the reimagined textile ceramic.
The fabric effect is at the forefront of cutting-edge tile design and it’s exciting to ponder where tile manufacturers will go next. For those who love the charm and warmth of natural fibres and textiles and are inspired by the possibilities of their replication in ceramic and porcelain tiles, contact your nearest Tile Depot to view their full range of fabric effect tiles.
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