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If you’ve been thinking about making improvements in your home, we’ve got some exciting ideas for you to try! It can feel like a huge task to take on for anybody, and sometimes we just don’t know where we want to start, so we’ve put this article together that outlines some of our favourite improvement trends we’ve seen in homes across the country this year. These should help to inspire you and get your improvements started, giving you the home of your dreams! 

Opt for an open plan 

Open plan living has become a very common but impressively effective trend, proving popular in both smaller apartments and in larger houses as well. The open-plan layout offers homeowners much more space than the standard splitting of rooms does and also allows for much more flexibility with your furniture placement as well. Often, we don’t realise just how thick walls are and how much space they take up, so by choosing an open-plan layout tends to give you more space than you think! 
The most common open-plan layouts are usually a merge of living rooms and kitchen space, but we’ve also seen some kitchen and dining rooms too that is a great choice for those who want to be able to host parties. While it isn’t a valid option in every house renovation, especially if there are supporting walls in the way, in new build properties, it’s being taken into account from the first development stages and built this way to make the most of the space. Due to the amount of space that it offers, too, it can increase your house value and make it much more attractive when you come to sell as buyers absolutely adore spacious rooms!

Increase your kerb appeal 

The outside of your house is just as important as the inside and shouldn’t be forgotten about when you want to make improvements.
If your home has got a driveway, you can brighten it up with a proper clean and by repairing any potentially damaged sections, especially if you’ve paving stones around. Take a bit of time to de-weed, and you can pressure wash the paving, too, as this will really help you brighten up the front. 

You can also assess your front door and think about updating it – a fresh coat of paint will make a noticeable difference and will transform your exterior, making it look much more appealing for anyone who comes to see.

Garden improvements 

Outdoor space has become even more valuable over the last year or so, and because of this, we’ve seen a massive increase in garden trends, with so many styles on offer that there will be something for everyone! For some, it means taking care of a garden that they didn’t have the time or motivation to look after previously, or for others, it’s making the most of the space that was taken for granted until now.  
A lot of homeowners are spending the majority of their time revamping their gardens and developing patio areas so they can sit and enjoy the summer months and the warmer weather that comes along with it. Another big added bonus of spending some time doing this is that renovating your garden can help you raise your house value by quite a dramatic amount, which is perfect if you’re planning to make improvements after asking, “how can I sell my house fast?”

Office space 

A lot of people weren’t that concerned about setting up functioning workspaces at home at the start of the pandemic, as they didn’t really expect it to be a long-term change. Now, over a year later, more and more of us are finding it difficult to work from home effectively without a proper office space, but are still going to be working remotely for the foreseeable future. 
Whether you’re able to dedicate an entire room or just decorate a section specific to your work, you’ll quickly see a huge change in your productivity and motivation. Not only that, but you can also add your own personal style into your home office, making anyone that sees it in the background in your video call meetings incredibly jealous!


This trend is always going to be a popular one. It’s perfect for tidying away things you no longer need or really want and a perfect chance to start fresh. Minimalism is the perfect trend for those who don’t like their homes getting filled with clutter, as it means most of your things are out of sight and put away tidily. Think of clean surfaces, plenty of open space, and seeing only the things that you need!  
This trend can sometimes be a tricky one to balance, as it can sometimes leave the place looking a bit empty, but there are ways that you can make it work. The rule of three approach is the best solution for this – any shelving, tables, or other surfaces should only have a maximum of three things on top of them to provide the desired minimal effect without your home looking a little empty.  

Update your kitchen appliances 

More and more kitchens are now featuring beautiful matching appliances, which makes for a really stunning arrangement on the surfaces. As well as this, we’re also seeing a lot of kitchens with new fancy gadgets they didn’t feature previously. From bread makers to pasta arms to air fryers, you can find a multitude of ways to recreate almost any of your favourite meals easily from the comfort of your kitchen with the right tools! 


Last year, patterns were starting to creep back in, but 2021 is now throwing itself full force into all sorts of bold, beautiful, and eye-catching designs. This geometric style is a wonderfully popular pattern, but there’s plenty of room for all sorts of patterns this year; tartan, Aztec, zebra, spots and stripes, anything that you like! This style is a great option for anyone who wants to redecorate their home but doesn’t have the biggest budget – you can introduce these patterns by adding new cushion covers, some throws, a rug, blankets, some decorative canvases up on the wall; there are so many options available, you can go in any direction that you like. 
The general rule of thumb with this is that you should stick to one pattern, as it can be very overwhelming if you throw too many patterns together; however, if you have a vision, you can actually make it work. Organised chaos is the key here– pair your pattern with a strong base colour, and in no time at all, you’ll see a stunning combination to brighten your home.

Extend to add an extra room 

Extending the home is a great option for those with a higher budget, and adding another room is the most popular way to drastically increase property value. You can decide what is going to benefit your house the most; generally, an extra bedroom is the better choice, but some are better off with the addition of a new bathroom, a second living room, or even some well-designed office space.  
If your home would benefit from an additional lounge, insulating the garage, adding in windows to let in more natural light, turning it into a nice and cosy space where you can sit back and relax is a wonderful option. 
For any homeowners that are more interested in an extra bedroom, you can look at building upwards into your loft space. Most lofts or attics will need to be insulated, as well as having Velux windows installed to offer some light into the room. You will also need to look at how you would furnish the room to make the most of the space, as you will need to factor in the sloped ceilings that will reduce the room size.

Update your bathrooms 

Updating a bathroom usually sounds like an expensive job, but you can make changes on a low budget that make a big difference or look at fully renovating the room depending on what works best for you.
You can add some new sealant around the edge of your bath and shower, or renewing your grouting between the tiles can also help your bathroom to look much newer – especially if the current sealant that you’ve got is damaged or stained. 
For any homeowners that are looking to make a more drastic change, replacing your tiles is a great decision. Using bigger tiles will make the area look much more spacious, especially when the same tiling is used on both the walls and the floor, as it will blur the line between the two and create the illusion of a bigger room. Waterfall showers are also an incredibly popular addition, looking luxurious and guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone that enters the room.  
There are all sorts of fun trends that you can try when you redecorate your home this year. No matter your style and tastes, you can find something that works for you! 

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