Windows and Doors: Trading Trends for Timelessness through 2021

Windows and doors are designed for longevity, ensure your next choice remains timeless throughout its years of service to your home.

New windows and a black composite door on a house.

The glazing industry is often left unconsidered when it comes to trends and themes through property design, but like any other sector, there are aesthetics that gain and lack in popularity over the years. Investing in new doors or windows is no small decision, and these products are designed for longevity, so it’s important whatever you choose remains timeless throughout its years of service to your home. But how can you mix up on the standard uPVC you see everywhere but not lose appeal when a new trend comes along? Try out these options…
Victorian windows in a porperty

Victorian Style Windows

Victorian-esque sliding sash windows have fallen out of favour with homeowners in recent years because of their propensity to let in draughts and cost a lot in heating. However, modern sliding sash windows are perfect to maintain the style of the dramatic sash without losing any warmth. Made from durable uPVC, their appearance is designed to closely resemble timber and in many cases, you wouldn’t know until you’re really up close to them.
Modern sliding sash windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be constructed with sash horns, period hardware and single astragal bars to really recreate the Victorian feel. An experienced glazier will be able to advise on how best to design modern sash windows that match the property’s current features and aesthetics.

Black Composite Doors

Demand has skyrocketed for composite doors over the last few years; but that’s not to say they’re a passing trend. Composite doors have improved thermal insulation compared to standard door options, are safer for security purposes and look great – so they’re set to stay as a popular option.
Although available in a huge range of styles and colours, the most popular is black. Adding a touch of class to any property, it complements any exterior home style and looks striking amongst bright or metallic hardware and fixtures.
French windows in an extension

French Doors

A French design, yes, but the perennially popular patio door option is a British summer staple. Their versatile design and wide availability means that French doors remain a hugely popular choice for homeowners; particularly for doors opening on to green space or a patio.
French doors can open inward or out, dependent on preference and layout, and offer a huge splash of light through when un-curtained or covered. What’s more, the newer options for French door see much improved insulation for energy efficiency – a win-win through winter and beyond!

Wood Grain Effect Finishes

uPVC windows and doors are usually just a bright white finish, but opting for a wood grain effect instead can have a massive impact on a property’s exterior feel. 
Nowadays, wood grain effect uPVC looks almost identical to real wooden frames and can be rarely told apart unless someone is viewing up close. Furthermore, uPVC is considerably cheaper and lasts longer than its timber counterparts – so makes a wise choice when replacing your existing frames, even if they are real wood to begin with.

Bespoke Glazing on Doors

If your front door is to stand out from the crowd, a bespoke glazed section can really make a statement. Coloured diamond sections are popular amongst those looking for something a little different, and obscured or frosted glass offers privacy.
For something entirely unique, stained glass can be commissioned and the colours and design matched to something personal. Stained glass doors were particularly popular in the Victorian period, so can match period properties down to a tee.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows, the curved or protruding ‘feature windows’ found in many properties around the UK allow in an abundance of light and brightness but aren’t often opted for if not already installed – simply as an oversight as they’re not considered.
Bay and bow windows can usually replace flat casement windows with minor disruption and although the space they add is negligible, it can certainly give the appearance of being larger.
Bi fold doors in a dining room

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are an emerging trend in the UK with homeowners, but increasing in popularity as they become more mainstream and accessible. Usually made from uPVC or aluminium, their capacity to seem as though they bring the outside in means they’re being installed at higher levels than ever before.
Bifold doors are usually available with between two and six folding door leaves and in a whole variety of configurations and can suit a whole range of sized spaces.

Triple Glazing

Almost every house in the UK now has double glazing and there are various initiatives and schemes to help upgrade the final few that still have single glazed windows installed. However, as government targets toward sustainability and carbon emissions increase in challenge, it’s likely that regulations around home heating and insulation systems will increase. 
Triple glazing improves the thermal performance of double glazing further and has a dramatic impact on acoustic insulation, so there are numerous benefits in upgrading.

Pastel Colours

Having colour toned doors and windows really makes exterior features stand out, and pastel colours are here to stay. Pastel colours have lasted the test of time, particularly for front doors, although they may require regular re-painting.
Chartwell Green is a traditional pastel green colour that has remained popular and is a bright, light, country tone that works with just about any property type. 

Casement Windows

Upgrading to casement windows sees homeowners benefit from warmer, more energy efficient homes. A versatile and secure option, casement windows work in all but the oldest of period properties, and are available from every expert window fitting company.
Casement windows are made of uPVC and are available always in white and usually also in grey or other light shades.
Your windows and doors make a huge difference to the exterior look of your home, so shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to property upgrades. Stick to the tried and tested trends and you can be sure of a timeless feature that will keep your home appearing great for many years to come.

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