Wood styled porcelain tiles from Heritage Tiles

With the introduction of wood styled porcelain tiles manufactured through HD digital printing, homeowners can now reap the benefits of porcelain tile.

Wood styles porcelain tiles

With HD digital printing in tile manufacturing taking off, we are seeing more amazing designs when it comes to tiles, one of which is the popular wood look. These wood styled porcelain tiles are often a very realistic reinterpretation of the various types of wood they take inspiration from. Now homeowners can reap the benefits of porcelain tile – high durability, easy installation, easy to clean and maintain, water and stain resistance, while being able to design with natural wood looks. This has expanded interior design options for wood looks since natural wood looks can now easily be brought into any area of the home. Yes, that easily cleaned and maintained wood design shower or wet room is possible! Plus it’s an eco-friendly option to wood flooring.

Heritage Tiles stock several different porcelain tile ranges with a range of different wood styles:


The Italian Etic Collection offers 7 different natural wood styles in an indoor and outdoor option, and come in two different “plank” sizes. Some of these wood styles are realistic reinterpretations of rare woods e.g. the Ebano tile takes inspiration from Ebony wood.
Natural wood porcelain flooring in kithcen and dining room


This Italian porcelain tile collection offers the look of bleached oak wood while providing the ease of maintenance, water resistance and high durability that porcelain tiles are known for. What makes it unique is that it has an antibacterial surface shield by Microban, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria on the surface of the tile and assures long-lasting protection against wear and tear, climatic conditions and repeated cleans in any usage environment. The range comes in 4 different wood styles and the texture and colouring on each tile is variable like natural wood.
Bioplank porcelain grey flooring


For something modern and different, why not have a look at the Uonuon Collection. This collection was inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol’s screened art and is aptly described as “Pop Wood”. It puts a fresh and imaginative urban design twist on the popular wood style porcelain tiles by offering tiles with a graphic wood grain pattern in a range of bright colours. These tiles combine wood décor with the effects of coloured serigraphy to achieve a very unique and contemporary style. Exclusive to Heritage Tiles, this is one of the only wood ranges that expresses colour and is perfect for a creative feature wall.
Uonuon porcelain floor plank tiles with steaks of red and white
Wood styled porcelain tiles are still a hot tile trend for 2014 so be sure to watch the Heritage Tiles website for new styles.

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