A complete outdoor renovation in Avondale

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Renovation specialists Johannes Jacobs and Anthony Bayne were brought in for a complete outdoor renovation in this Avondale home.

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Having extensively renovated their 80’s home over the six year period that they have lived there, Zahra and her husband were looking forward to completing their final home renovation by creating an outdoor living area. Zahra reached out to Johannes Jacobs (JJ) from Refresh Renovations North Shore and promptly arranged a meeting to ensure they were the right fit for this job. Right from the first meeting with JJ, Zahra was impressed with his professionalism and felt reassured by his expertise and experience. 
Homeowner Zahra had already envisioned a deck design and appreciated JJ’s collaborative approach to bringing the project to life. The original deck had reached the end of its days, with Zahra commenting on it being rotten in places and often usable with little shelter from the strong prevailing winds. With the deck occupying a large amount of space in their compact backyard, they were desperate to create some usable and inviting outdoor living space.
Replacing the 48sq metre deck was the priority, but Zahra also requested the addition of a new permanent shelter to help create an outdoor sanctuary alongside their living space. Working from home since March, Zahra and her husband had become acutely conscious of how important it is to feel that their home is a sanctuary from the outside world. Accompanied with the desire to create a space that would make their visiting adult children feel even more relaxed and home, Zahra conveyed how important it was for her that the project was finished quickly and met the deadline for completion.

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A house renovation design

JJ rose to the challenge of a quick turnaround, working closely with Zahra to move the design from the concept stage to a working renovation site in just 10 days! Having experienced renovations where tradespeople have been sporadic with time spent and having let her down when it comes to communication, Zahra appreciated the Refresh process where good communication and project management are always a priority. 
“Zahra has had bad experiences with renovations in the past where she didn’t know when the tradespeople would turn up and had no clear communication about timelines. Both her and her husband worked from home, so they wanted the least disturbance possible,” reveals JJ.

An old house renovation

When a strict deadline to meet, JJ’s building team got stuck in demolishing the old deck and then creating the structure for the replacement on the same footprint. The new pergola posts were fitted, along with additional bracing on the upstairs balcony to support the 25m2 roof structure. Fitted with Grey tinted UV resistant panels, the pergola fitted over the entranceway between the house and deck, which not only increased the indoor-outdoor flow, but also protected the handmade Macrocarpa wood table that her husband Allen had crafted for this space.
“The Refresh process and the project management added huge value to this job,” reveals JJ. “The customer had already sourced a company to fit a glass screen to the deck before they got the deck build, but as the deck was being built, the glass screen company told the customer that due to the size and height of the glass, they would need additional support. The project manager worked this out with the Zahra and the builder to ensure this was completed properly.”

Final thoughts

Zahra, Allen, and Jake the dog are all thrilled with their new outdoor living space, which has become their favourite spot to retreat to. With a permanent shelter and easy access to the large deck area, they naturally gravitate towards relaxing and catching up in their outdoor space. 
The quick turnaround and professionalism of the whole team really impressed Zahra. She was especially appreciative of how JJ listened and worked with her to collaborate on the project.
When asked for his thoughts on the final result, JJ reveals: “The deck was beautifully done and both Zahra and Allen were thrilled with the structural support the builders included on the deck itself and the pergola structural connections on the upstairs deck. They felt even more reassured that it was a quality, sound bill.” 
“The difference the new deck has made to the customer’s life and living has been immediate,” elaborates JJ. “Zahra commented that it had created a sanctuary for their family. I particularly loved the story about the Macrocarpa table that Allen had made himself, but they had stored it offsite as the house didn’t have any shelter to protect the table. Once the renovation was completed, the table was moved into place and it is now the centerpiece of the whole outdoor area!” 

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This project was completed in
August 2020
Project description
Complete Outdoor Renovation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
15 days
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Knotwood decking
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Anthony Bayne is Renovation Consultant of BL Projects Ltd, Shiloh Projects Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise LtdLtd, doing business in North Shore Auckland Central.

Johannes Jacobs (JJ) is Renovation Consultant of ​BL Projects LTD, Shiloh Projects LTD, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise LtdLtd, doing business in North Shore Auckland Central.

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