A complete shed conversion into a multi-purpose space in Keysborough

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The homeowner of this Keysborough holiday house brought in renovation specialist Paul Cree to convert his shed into a multi-purpose area.

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Homeowner Jason decided it was time to renovate his holiday home in Keysborough and got in touch with Refresh renovation specialist Paul Cree. Paul sat with Jason to understand exactly what it was he wanted to achieve and it was made clear that the main part of this project would be to convert the shed that is currently being used as a stable into a multi-purpose space. 
The house was located on large grounds complete with a paddock and a swimming pool, most often rented out by the homeowner to be used for corporate events and weddings. Although the old shed was used as a stable for many years, Jason wanted to turn it into a multi-purpose room that could be used for all types of events. Both the external appearance as well as the internals of the building would have to be renovated and modernised. 

Designing and renovating 

Paul provided both the design and build for this project and followed the Refresh process to develop detailed designs after reviewing inspirational images provided by Jason.
Paul’s team started by stripping out the old shed, including the timber stable. They modified the walls to allow for new and changed openings for large sliding doors and installed large aluminium doors here that would not only let light in, but opened up the space and allowed for easy access to the outdoor area.
The project required new electrical wiring, including the addition of power outlets, LED downlights, and feature pendant lights. They then installed wall and ceiling insulation to ensure the area would remain warm during winter.

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Next, the internal steel frames were painted black to create a feature, and corrugated steel wall cladding was installed to create an industrial feel. Timber ceiling panels were also installed to add warmth to the overall design.
Finally, Paul’s team painted the concrete floor to finish off the internal space and painted the exterior of the shed black to give it a modern look. 
Paul worked with several tradespeople during this renovation, including a carpenter, electrician, and painter. He sourced materials such as corrugated steel for the wall panels and plywood for the ceiling panels, all on behalf of the homeowner, who just had to sit back and watch the magic happen!

The final result

When asked if he faced any challenges during the project, Paul revealed “No significant challenges. The work was completed to the plan and delivered on time.” The project was completed in 2 and a half months, and for the budget that was originally estimated. 
Paul shared his thoughts on the final result, saying “The space has been transformed from a dirty, cold, and dark space to one that is now very inviting. I can imagine some great parties being held there! I think the industrial pendants are a great future and add a lot of character to the space.”
“I look forward to seeing the landscaping completed,” he added, “which will allow the space to be used for its full intent, creating a great indoor-outdoor flow for large parties and events.”
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This project was completed in
August 2020
Project description
Shed Conversion
Project duration
2 1/2 months
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