A Life-changing Living Room in Victoria, Australia

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A Life-changing Living Room in Victoria, Australia

While this Mornington property had served homeowner Lisa and her sons well, space became a thing of the past as the boys grew up. But with the fantastic renovation and extension of the living area, this transformation has seen the house grow with them.

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A Move or Refresh Dilemma 

When faced with a space issue in your home, often, you only have a few choices to overcome the situation. You can either deal with the space and try to make it work, move to a bigger home, or renovate your home to make it more functional and desirable to your needs.
Homeowner Lisa and her two teenage sons were faced with this challenging dilemma. Moving wasn't a preferable decision with their home situated close to the beach, shops, and friendships. And while Lisa had many ideas for transforming her home, she was fearful of the budget spiralling out of control – something to expect without the assistance of renovation professionals. After much deliberation, Lisa decided that renovating was the best solution for creating a space that worked for her family and connected with Renovation Consultant Leigh McDonald for expert support.  
Lisa had a clear design in mind for a living room extension, and Leigh was prepared to bring her vision to life. Together, they looked through concepts, sketches, and images before determining the perfect plan for this extended room. A precise aim for Leigh was to transform the living area into an open and relaxed space that better suited the family’s lifestyle.

Costing the Project

Lisa's main objective for this project was to keep it within her $80,000 budget, but she knew that the budget might have to adapt to encompass the look and feel she wanted to achieve. Leigh carried out costing and feasibility exercises and identified that the project was likely to cost more than Lisa had initially planned. The COVID pandemic also affected costs, so Leigh suggested splitting the project into two more manageable projects.
Knowing that this extension would improve her family’s life and add value to her home on the future property market, Lisa was keen to get the work started and agreed with the prospect of splitting the project into two. As there was no deadline for this renovation, the focus was set on the safety of working during the pandemic and sourcing preferred materials for the build. 

Bringing in the Building Experts

As COVID affected the renovation of this property, the team began their work outside; internal work had to wait until restrictions were lifted. Council consent was required to complete the extension, and a permit was granted for both construction stages. But despite the lockdown challenges, this project only took three months from conception to completion - a fantastic outcome for the team involved. 
A vast team of contractors worked hard to make this living room extension come to life. From excavation and demolition teams that made way for the extension to roofers and bricklayers who ensured the external make-up of the new area matched the tiles and brickwork of the original home design. Renovation Consultant Leigh oversaw plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and window glaziers along with others, keeping the project running smoothly throughout.

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A Life-changing Living Area

What was a cramped living room has become an open and expansive living area. Modern and welcoming, this extension has completely changed the look and feel of Lisa’s home. 
Warm-toned wood flooring connects the extended space seamlessly with the adjoining dining area. Meanwhile, a dark-grey feature wall adds depth and is punctured by a narrow horizontal window that captures sunshine throughout the day. Wooden storage cabinets complete the area, framing the back wall while offering showcase shelving for the family’s books and decor. 
Furthermore, symmetrical wall-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors give a feeling of more space while inviting the outside in. With the clever placement of a desk and the use of plants as natural dividers, the room does not feel cluttered in any way. Instead, it offers a breath of fresh air to Lisa and her sons.
As with the interior, the exterior has been crafted to carry the existing design. The extension’s brickwork and roof tiling neatly match the rest of the home, tying the property together.

Final Thoughts

Working with such a large team of contractors can be challenging under normal circumstances, let alone during COVID lockdowns. Undertaking this renovation required a brilliant communications strategy and the flexibility to amend plans at the last minute. 
Leigh consciously managed all timelines, trades, and deliveries on behalf of Lisa to ensure that safety was upheld and the project remained on budget and on time. And by following the Refresh Renovations process, the work resulted in a successful transformation. 
This project has brought a new lease of life to this beautiful home and the lives of Lisa and her two boys. Leigh shared, "The result is great. It has given Lisa a greater living area, resulting in her two boys coming out of their bedrooms more often to watch TV as a family in one area". Not only are Lisa and her sons spending more time together, but Lisa now has a dedicated space where she can work from home.

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This project was completed in
April 2022
Project description
A beautiful living room transformation to provide more family space.
Project duration
14 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Working during the COVID lockdown
Interesting aspects
A continuation of the property's existing brickwork and tiles.
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