A quick renovation to create extra storage space in the ceiling of a garage

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staircase to the garage ceiling

This customer had an idea to create extra storage space in the garage ceiling and contacted Refresh Renovations Hawke's Bay.

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Storage solutions often have to be creative. Ceiling space can be a great option but accessing it can be problematic – you don’t want to get the ladder every time there is a change of season and it’s time to get the summer (or winter) duvets out. One homeowner came up with an ingenious concept for creating storage space garage attic ceiling, and the good people at Refresh Renovations turned her bright idea into reality.

Attic renovation cost

When Cushla Williams contacted Refresh Renovations Hawke's Bay with her requirements (lining an attic space in her garage to allow for more storage and installing a ladder system to enable her to access the space easily) they came up with a quote that wouldn’t break the bank.
“The budget that we gave her was $1740 for six to eight hour’s work,” says the renovation specialist. “We were able to stick with this budget, with me coming in to assist the clean-up in the last hour.”
The job was undertaken by one of the builders that the renovation consultants works with regularly and there were only a few small hurdles to overcome. The main obstacle was related to the fact that people had walked on the timber in the attic space, loosening the ceiling timber in the process.

Overcoming obstacles

The trusses had become separated from the timber, and the nails were no longer securing the ceiling in place. The builder had to resecure the timber, which was an unexpected addition to the workload, but only added an extra half hour to the job.
The second obstacle was working out the logistics of securing a heavy ladder in place with just one person, without causing damage to life and limb. The pull-down ladder system came from Mitre 10 – these useful attic accessories retail from as little as $190 and are very cost-effective.
The builder opted to make use of a fibreboard lifter, operated by cranking pistons. With this device, he was able to haul the ladder up to the attic hole (which he had already framed), before heading upwards to finish the job. With the ladder in the right place, he secured the top of it with cleats before then attached it with screws.
The wood used on the attic floors has been laid with the support of trusses that float above the insulation and is secured with short nails. This means that it is easy for electricians to access the wires if needs be; but more importantly, allows the previously unutilised area to be used as storage space.

Further house renovations

The renovation specialist explains that Williams returned home as the work was wrapping up and was so impressed with the job they’d done that she secured their services for another project on the spot.
“She asked us to do another job in the house (removing the fireplace and rebuilding a wall) which will be about three day’s work,” says the renovation specialist.
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This project was completed in
November 2018
Project description
Adding garage storage space with an attic ladder
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand
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The trusses had become separated from the timber, and the nails were no longer securing the ceiling in place.
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Mike Ross is Renovation Consultant of RNR Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Hawkes Bay.

Sophia Roydhouse-Ross is Renovation Consultant of RNR Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Hawkes Bay.

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