A unique whole house transformation in Brighton and Hove: bespoke tiling contributes to a customised finish

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Open kitchen space with blue stand-alone kitchen island

What was supposed to be a multi-bathroom update expanded into an extensive renovation that spanned storeys and transformed this Brighton property into an eclectic and highly customised home.

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Early scope expansion

With multiple motivators pushing her to do so, homeowner Louise was ready to update her Brighton and Hove property, so she reached out to Tracy and Roger Kinsman, a duo of Renovation Consultants serving the Brighton area. Louise had two young daughters who needed their own space, and a home with four bathrooms, including a ground-floor cloakroom, that was lacking in personality. 
Louise discussed her ideas with Tracy and Roger, which involved utilising her home to its full potential; if that meant tearing down a few walls, Louise was on board. But what started as a multi-bathroom renovation expanded into the kitchen and primary ensuite. And, since Louise wanted this project completed as quickly as possible, Tracy and Roger fast tracked the process to the concepting phase. 

Design iterations and setting expectations

Home renovations are usually driven by one of two factors; budget or design. Louise’s style was quite eclectic and she wanted her home to reflect that so she was happy to invest in high-end finishings to achieve her desired look. 
Aside from the end result, Louise’s main concern was the timeline. It can be stressful watching your house go through changes, so Tracy and Roger worked with Louise to set realistic expectations and assured her that they’d keep her updated along the way. 
From there, the pair proposed unique tiling options for the bathrooms and presented colour charts and detailed renderings to help Louise visualise her space before making final decisions, even bringing her to bathroom and kitchen specialists for their expert advice. After reviewing multiple layout and material options, the first iteration of the project was estimated to cost £148,000. But additional reviews and variations, including electrical upgrades, radiator and window replacements, floor restorations, and new insulation, brought the final estimate to £193,000. 

Building begins

When the active renovation was ready to begin, Tracy and Roger organised their extended team to carry out the work; both specialists and general contractors. Their project managers were integral to the renovation as they managed and received the myriad of deliveries that arrived on site in addition to tracking the progress and upholding quality control.
Everything was moving along as planned. The carpenters installed bespoke joinery and fittings in the kitchen while the plumbers and electricians addressed updates in the bathrooms and the rest of the house. However, Louise opted to make some changes to the design midway through the project which posed deadline challenges with materials; the selected tiles had to be imported from Spain. 
Determined to meet their projected end date, Tracy and Roger liaised with both the Spanish tile importer as well as UK customs to ensure the tiles were received promptly. Ultimately, there was a slight delay due to the mid-project pivot, but with transparent communication, Louise was kept up to date with the changes and had the final handover completed within four months.

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Eclectic and customised

What started as a bathroom renovation ended up yielding a fantastic home with new elements in nearly every room; the common thread tying everything together being the diverse collection of bespoke feature tiling sourced from Tile Expert. Custom touches, such as the shower screen designed to fit around the sloped ceiling and the pendant lights from Etsy, create a truly personalised feeling throughout the home. 
Sacrificing the dressing room in her master suite offered Louise a spacious ensuite with both a freestanding tub and walk-in shower. And her girls have now been upgraded into new rooms which have taken the place of the preexisting offices. Smart swaps and solutions have completely transformed not only the aesthetic of the home but the functionality as well. 

Final Thoughts

Despite Louise’s early reservations about the timeline, Tracy and Roger were diligent in communicating the progress so she was aware of the major milestones and important changes. Their hard work also brought this fantastic project to fruition within the projected budget. 
Louise’s happy with the renovation as a whole but Tracy and Roger have a few favourite features of their own citing the bold tile choices featured in the bathrooms and the noteworthy quality they add to the overall design. Though they were valuable facilitators of the renovation, they commend Louise for her impeccable choice in materials that proved to create a home that was truly reflective of her personal style.

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This project was completed in
July 2023
Project description
Whole house renovation
Brighton & Worthing
United Kingdom
Project duration
4 months
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Midproject changes
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Bespoke tiling
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Roger Kinsman is Renovation Consultant of , a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK LtdUK Ltd, doing business in Crawley Brighton.

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