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Within 12 weeks Refresh Renovations specialist David Dolphin had provided this Wanaka family with a place for their guests to stay.

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With a growing family, and occasional overseas visitors, the owners of this Wanaka home were in need of a fourth bedroom. They decided they wanted the additional bedroom to be a ground floor extension to their eclectic home. They were also interested in replacing their linoleum flooring with polished concrete. They got in touch with Refresh Renovations specialist David Dolphin, who carried out the project within 12 weeks time.

Designing the extension

The original stone-built house already featured extension work. A modern ground level room was displayed at the front of the property with a deck area built above. The left side of the building had experienced a two storey extension. The new ground floor bedroom extension was to be built in continuation from the home’s hallway, giving guests easy access to the main downstairs bathroom.
“The site lent itself well to a ground floor extension”, says David. “The room dimensions, cladding, glazing and roof line of the extension were all designed to tie in with the existing house.”
There are layers to building a room extension of any sort. David and his team needed to lay new foundations, which drew out the project timeline.
“We estimated a project duration of 8 weeks”, tells David. “Due to a 2 week delay in pouring the concrete slab, and knock-on effects, actual time to complete the construction work was 12 weeks.”

Carrying out the house extension

Once the foundations of the extension were in place, David’s team built the room’s framing, installed windows, doors, siding, cladding, roofing and carried out all of the required exterior work.
“A large triple-stacking slider was installed, maximising the attractive views across the property”, notes David.
The windows and sliding doors provide plenty of opportunity for natural light to filter into the room. Cedar cladding was chosen in consideration of the cladding already covering the previous extension work.
“Once the new cedar cladding has weathered off, it will be stained to match the old cedar as closely as possible”, explains David.

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Next, a small patio was built outside the new bedroom, offering a natural flow into the outdoor area.
Moving into the interior work, electrical installations and air conditioning were taken care of. The walls and ceiling were painted white. A neutral, light coloured carpet was installed as well as wall lights over the bed, adding extra comfort and functionality to the space.
David’s team created a large walk-in wardrobe, which provides occupants with plenty of storage and sets the room up as a master bedroom or generous guest room. The large wardrobe design also offers privacy from the outside looking in through the sliding doors. Painting the outer wall of the wardrobe green provides a gentle contrast against the white of the room.

The final result

By following the Refresh process, David was able to offer his customers end-to-end project management. After their initial consultation, David’s customers were provided with designs and cost estimates accurate to their budget and ideas. Having David as their one point of contact made it straightforward to include further work within their renovation, in the form of replacing their heated linoleum flooring with polished concrete. Within 12 weeks, the owners’ of this peaceful Wanaka property were able to provide guests with a relaxed and private room of their own.  

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This project was completed in
June 2019
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Project description
Georgian style stone-built home with modern extensions
Queenstown & Wanaka
New Zealand
Project duration
12 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Delays in pouring concrete
Interesting aspects
A generous walk-in robe, and the bedroom's proximity to the main bathroom, make the new room ideal as a master bedroom or guest
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