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Not many homeowners pay attention to their roof until something goes wrong with it – and with the Great British weather, dislodged tiles or dodgy guttering can swiftly cause big issues. Refresh Renovations work with a team of expert roofers to provide roofing fixes, re-roofing and new roof installations on renovations throughout the Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim areas. Looking to have a new roof fitted or just need some tweaks to your existing one? Read on for more info!

What aspects of Roofing do Refresh undertake?

Refresh works to an end-to-end project management approach, so every aspect of renovations is taken care of. For roofing, this includes:
- Slating
- Tiling
- Roof installations
- Solar panel installations
- Roof re-modelling
- Extensions/additions
- Chimney repairs
- Insulation
- Carpentry
- Roofing repairs
- Gutter replacements
- Fascia and soffit replacements**

What are the trends in Roofing at the moment?

Roofing isn’t subject to too many fluctuations in trend or fashion but durable roofing materials are growing in popularity. This includes metal, copper, concrete and asphalt, as well as slate, which has long been the mainstream option. The Refresh roofers are also approached often to re-roof around dormer loft conversions, where windows are installed facing outwards within existing roofing.

How much does Roofing cost?

The cost of roofing project varies, dependent on the size and scope of the job as well as the materials used. Re-tiling fees start at around £5,500-£8,000+, but slate shingles cost considerably more (but last longer, so often make for a wise investment). Roofing materials often differ by region, so you local Refresh Renovations specialist can advise on your material options. 

Why choose Refresh for Roofing in Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim?

Refresh Renovations manages every renovation project in its entirety, assigning a project manager to every job to oversee and manage all involved parties. This takes the hassle and stress away from the homeowner and allows them to continue on with their daily lives; returning only to enjoy the finished product once all finished. This approach means we manage a variety of professional tradespeople, putting together a team bespoke to every project – ensuring the perfect finish, every time. Roofers are just one part of our great professional portfolio. 

Will I need planning permission for Roofing works?

Most roofing can be completed without planning permission but in properties with listed status or situated in conservation areas, formal administration may need to be applied for. Refresh manage a great relationship with the Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim local planning authority and handle all application and appeal processes.

What areas do Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim operate in?

Refresh Derry-Londonderry & North Antrim take care of Roofing through Ballycastle, Kilrea, Armor, Strabane and the surrounding areas.

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