Kitchen Designers in Derry-Londonderry and North Antrim

Kitchens are usually one of the most used rooms in the home; and even those who wouldn’t usually cook and bake have found themselves having to do so through the repeated lockdown periods of the recent pandemic. Yet for such busy spaces, kitchens are often overlooked when it comes to renovations – is your kitchen future-proofed and fit for use for years to come? With clever design services and full installation, Refresh Derry-Londonderry and North Antrim are the leaders in the industry for the area and are transforming kitchens for homeowners all across the region.

What types of Kitchen Design do Refresh offer?

Refresh manage all renovation projects from start to finish, so our services include:

  • Kitchen designs and concepts
  • Kitchen renovations and remodelling
  • Kitchen tiling
  • Custom carpentry
  • Bespoke kitchen designs 
  • Kitchen storage solutions
  • Kitchen installation ## What are the current Kitchen Design trends through Derry-Londonderry and North Antrim? Current trends in kitchen design include conversions into open-plan layouts for kitchens with dining spaces (a great way to incorporate socialising into your kitchen space) and the increased use of natural and recycled materials such as reclaimed stone, tiles and marble. The neutral tones so favoured for so long with kitchens are declining in popularity with homeowners instead looking to embrace stronger hues with colour pops and bold contrasts. ## How much does a Kitchen Design cost? Kitchen renovations come in all shapes, sizes and scopes – and only inviting Refresh for a no-obligation free home visit to your Derry-Londonderry and North Antrim property will provide an accurate quotation for works. However, as a ballpark figure, most basic kitchen design and installations come in at £15,000+ and for larger rooms, up to £45,000k+. There really isn’t an upper limit, but with Refresh Renovations, YOU are in control of the project budget.   ## Why choose Refresh for a Kitchen Design? Refresh manage every kitchen design and fit-out in its entirety; with a dedicated project manager on every job overseeing all aspects of it. This allows homeowners to continue on with their daily routines with minimal disruption – instead leaving them free to get on with things and return to the joyous finished product once done! ## Will I need planning permission for my Kitchen Design? It’s unlikely that a new kitchen will require formal planning permission, unless major works are set to be completed or the property within which it sits has listed status or is located in a conservation area. If planning permission is needed, Refresh Derry-Londonderry and North Antrim will manage this as their standard offering. Where extensive plumbing work is required, this too must adhere to certain legal standards – and this is guaranteed by Refresh teams, who always work to the highest possible accredited levels.  ## What areas do Refresh Derry-Londonderry and North Antrim operate in? Refresh Derry-Londonderry and North Antrim offer kitchen design services in the city and surrounding areas, including Feeny, Ballymoney, Limavady and Cushenden. If you live a little further afield it’s still worth getting in touch – our local teams operate all over the UK and so you can be passed on to a kitchen designer closer to you. ‍ ## Get in touch Ready to start thinking about your Kitchen Design? Get in touch today to book a free, no obligation consultation! ‍