Bathroom Renovations in Manawatu

Manawatu Bathroom Builders

Refresh Renovations Manawatu can support you with all of your bathroom renovation needs. Our process makes it easy for homeowners to achieve high-quality bathroom renovations within a set budget and timeframe.

What bathroom renovation services does Refresh Manawatu offer?

We can take care of all of your bathroom renovation needs, including:
- Bathroom designs
- Bathroom makeovers
- Bathroom extensions
- Bathroom additions
- Resource/building consent applications
- Construction
- Installations (including micro bathroom installations)
- Plumbing
- Electrical work 
- House renovations
- Painting and decorating

What are some ideas to consider for my bathroom design?

While every homeowner will have different preferences in terms of style and personal taste, most homeowners will agree that functional and low-maintenance bathroom designs are important to them. To achieve this, you’ll want to consider whether or not you want tiles or a smoother, more low-maintenance surface in your bathroom such as vinyl. In terms of layout, the placement of bathroom vanities, towel rails, bathroom heaters and mirrors will all influence the feel and practicality of your space. When you work with Refresh, a designer will guide you through all of these considerations and more. 

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in NZ?

Bathroom renovations that Refresh NZ have carried out in the past have fallen anywhere between $30,000 - $95,000*. However, every project is different. Your bathroom renovation may cost more or less depending on the condition of the space that will be renovated, your project specifications and whether or not council approval will be needed. Some of the most affordable bathroom renovations will focus primarily on cosmetic changes and will leave the original layout as is. Changing/adding layouts and structural work within your home will cause the cost of your bathroom renovation to increase. For a cost estimate accurate to your project ideas, please speak to your local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

How does Refresh’s design and build process simplify the home renovation experience?

Refresh has carefully examined the most common issues faced by homeowners during the renovation experience. We have designed a process to serve as a remedy for these problems. Typically, home renovations tend to involve a lot of stress, miscommunication, budget overruns and scheduling issues. When you work with Refresh, you’ll be working with one Renovation Consultant and their team. We’ll take your ideas on board to form a stunning design and then manage the construction, installations, council applications and decorating - providing you with an enjoyable experience and a fantastic new bathroom.

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*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.