Bathroom Renovations in Queenstown & Wanaka

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If the time has come for you to update your bathroom or add an additional bathroom onto your home, Refresh Renovations can help. You local Refresh Renovations Consultant will work with you to develop and design an installation that suits your style and budget. 

What bathroom renovation services do Refresh Renovations Queenstown/Wanaka offer?

Refresh provides bespoke bathroom renovations, making it easy to achieve just what you need. Our services include:
- Bathroom designs
- Bathroom flooring installation
- Bathroom fittings
- Shower installations
- Bathtub fittings
- Vanity installations
- Wet room installations
- Custom cabinetry installations
- Electrical work and plumbing
- Painting and decorating

How much does it cost to install a new bathroom?

Refresh Renovations Consultants in New Zealand have carried out bathroom renovations ranging from approximately $20,000* to $95,000*. If you are working with a limited budget, your Renovation Consultant and designer can provide you with ideas and suggestions to help you to achieve your desired high-quality result without breaking your budget. Likewise, if your budget is flexible, your consultant will support you in developing a design that is high-quality, personalised and highly functional. Whatever your budget, the Refresh process ensures that you will be provided with a cost estimate and quote before your bathroom installation begins. This gives you the flexibility to alter your design so that it suits your budget before any works begin. 

What are some common bathroom design trends in Central Otago?

Modern and practical bathroom designs with light, simple colour schemes are standard in Central Otago. Floating vanities, alcove bathtubs and glazed shower boxes are common within basic to mid-range budgets. Luxury bathrooms tend to include high-end bathroom tiles installed from floor to ceiling to allow for a wetroom-style bathroom. Other high-end features sometimes include standalone bathtubs, double vanities, rain showers and custom-made cabinetry. Whether your bathroom ideas are on-trend or are completely unique, Refresh can help.  

How does the Refresh Renovations design and build process work?

Refresh’s process has been designed to make each stage of your renovation run smoothly. Following an initial consultation, your local Refresh Renovations team can take care of your project’s design, planning, consents and costings. Once you are happy with the design and quote, your local Refresh team will work with reliable bathroom suppliers, plumbers, installers, electricians and more to schedule-in, carry out and deliver your project within a set timeline. 

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*costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.