Roger is a Renovation Consultant in Brighton who offers services all across the Sussex Coast and Crawley. He has extensive past experience in renovations, allowing him to fully understand the value of the Refresh Process. He believes each and every step of the project should be managed and communicated well. 

Upon finishing school, Roger trained as a qualified nurse and built a career in taking care of people. He moved on to managing a group of private luxury nursing homes for 20 years, where he witnessed how difficult it was for his elderly and vulnerable clients to leave the familiarity of their home. He left nursing to pursue his dream of running a residential property refurbishment and resale business with his wife, Tracy, with the aim of providing comfortable quality homes for all families. 

After much success, he realized project management was a true strength of his, not only completing refurbishment projects on time and on budget, but also receiving positive feedback regarding the quality of the finish. This made Roger realize the potential of joining Refresh.

As a husband and father, Roger knows the importance of a safe and comfortable home. By becoming a part of Refresh, he can now provide the same for others. Roger knows that relationships are built on trust, and therefore provides a service based on honesty, integrity, and transparency, vowing to provide his clients with  peace of mind when entrusting their home to him.

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