Celebrating 6 Years: A Letter from Jim Gleeson

"Going from a start-up in 2013 to where we are now calls for a celebration" - Refresh Consultant Jim Gleeson celebrates 6 years with Refresh Renovations

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Celebrating 6 Years: A Letter from Jim Gleeson
I read somewhere that most companies fail within the first 5 years …
1st February 2019 marked the 6th anniversary of KKG Limited trading as a Refresh Renovations business, Auckland, New Zealand. Going from a start-up in 2013 to where we are now, calls for a celebration if you’re to believe the preamble above.
It also requires a bit of reflection on where we have come from because without question, this has paved the way to where we’re going, with some incredible accomplishments behind us and some exciting endeavours ahead.
Reflecting on the past, the journey began in typical fashion – feeling undervalued, with a keen desire to ‘show em how it’s done’. I spent a lot of time weighing my options, mindful of my circumstances (2-year-old twins on each hip, mortgages and dreams of building another new home for my family), my particular skills and qualifications and most importantly, contemplating what that ‘thing’ was that makes me get out of bed. In that moment I came across a Refresh Renovations opportunity.
At the time, my wife Del Gleeson will lament my choice of the construction industry.  In her opinion, one of the least regulated and difficult industries out there. We would take our time and pass on the first opportunity but no less than a month later, the right Refresh location would come along and as they say, the rest is history. A history from which we have experienced a lot. A journey peppered with a few numbing lows, which we overcame with determination and hard work. And a journey interspersed with opportunities to celebrate some glorious highs.  
People ask how we stay motivated in an industry that’s so resistant to change, somewhat volatile and downright hard work. It’s because we care deeply about our clients and their experiences; our subcontractors in support of their businesses; our team and their career and life goals.
Our Purpose - To Exceed Expectations.  
We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients, who have enriched our lives.  We’re also humbled to name a few as friends.
We are not qualified architects, designers, planners, plumbers or painters. For those things, we appreciate the work done by our close network of professionals.
Many thanks to the incredible team at KKG Limited Refresh – past and present. You know who you are.  We would not be where we are without you. Your dedication and passion for the work we do, the standards we expect and to which we think we deliver – thank you.  We’re excited for the future and looking forward to helping many other clients realise their Refresh Renovation.
And last, but not least, my heartfelt gratitude to my wife and our families for their unconditional support.  It helps that both my wife and sister-in-law work alongside me, but without them and our families, this a journey that may have ended ever before it began. Or maybe not, onwards and beyond.

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